Saturday, November 22, 2014

After the Truck Hit

I met this wonderful lady at Chapters yesterday as she was promoting her book "After the Truck Hit."

On a bookmark promoting her book she writes, "After being hit by a semi truck when she ran onto a highway in Estevan, SK, Jennifer Kuchinka shares her story of the accident that left her with a permanent brain injury.  She tells how she recovered and created a new life as a single parent, committed to raising awareness of postpartum depression and acquired brain injury."

As Jennifer tells it, this is an amazing story.  I encourage my readers to consider buying her book.  It is a wonderful story of courage, hope and healing.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Transparency Act: How does it work?


Signal lights have no meaning in Regina.  If you want to make a lane change then just go for it because if you signal drivers just speed up so you can't make the lane change.  On the other hand when you are in a merge lane speeding up to merge into a right lane on the highway drivers in the right lane will not move over, slow down, speed up, or move to the left lane to allow you to merge into the right lane.

Then drivers will sit at an intersection waiting to make a right turn apparently unaware that they can turn safely into the merge lane and then move into any other lane once they are up to speed.  Have they no idea how to use the merge lane?

It is time for the police to start handing out tickets for bad driving and not just speeding tickets and stupid U turns at controlled intersections.

Driving in Regina is an adventure.  No wonder there are so many accidents?

Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Canadian Fighter Jets

CTV news reported that Canadian fighter jets went on a four hour mission over Iraq on their first strikes against ISIS targets.  The strikes were reported to be near the Iraqi city of Fallujah.  The Canadian jets apparently knocked out five bulldozers and a dump truck. The Canadian jets are reported to be dropping 500 pound bombs.  Keep in mind these are larger than hand grenades.

Now I don't claim to know anything about the tactics of war against ISIS by the coalition forces.  And I suppose CTV is only reporting what they are told by the Government of Canada or Canada's Armed Forces.

Regardless, there is something wrong in this news story when it leads Canadians to believe that our Canadian fighter jets (CF18 Hornet's) took four hours with 500 pound bombs to only knock out five bulldozers and a dump truck.  More...

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Proud to be Canadian

The tragic shooting on Parliament Hill yesterday took the life of an unarmed Canadian Forces reservist while he was standing guard at the National War Memorial. Corporal Nathan Frank Cirillo, was a proud Canadian and soldier standing guard over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The shooter was Michael Joseph Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian, who had become deranged. His killing of Cpl. Cirillo was a senseless and cowardly act. The shooter then proceeded to enter the House of Commons where he was shot by the Sergeant-at Arms Kevin Vickers in an act of courage and bravery. For the balance of the day Parliament Hill and the House of Commons was in lock down until security forces gained total control of the situation.

Yesterday was a sad day for Canadians, but it was also a day where Canadians displayed their usual courage and resiliency when threatened. It was a day that made you proud to be Canadian and to clearly understand Canadians will never stand down when threatened.

Today in the House of Commons our parliamentarians, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Leader of the Official Opposition and Justin Trudeau all gave powerful speeches of unity when Canadian values are threatened. Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers was justly given a standing ovation as he entered the House of Commons. It was inspirational to see our parliamentarians back at work the day after this senseless attack on our democratic institution and on the values we cherish.

Canada has just served notice to those who may plot against us that you will be met with a force of bravery and courage at every turn. We will never stand down and always stand proud to defend Canada and the values and freedom we cherish.

A proud Canadian.

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Stephen Harper's Exit Strategy

Is Prime Minister Stephen Harper planning his exit strategy?  His focus on the world stage as opposed to domestic issues is an indicator he may be writing the last chapter of his political career.  Former Prime Ministers followed a similar path before their departure from politics.

Government’s usually defeat themselves eventually.  It can be argued the Harper Government has provided voters with enough reasons to seriously ponder a change at the next federal election.

I believe Stephen Harper has achieved all he believed possible and another term in office is not likely to make him look any better.  He is ramping up for a rare balanced budget and fiscal promises near impossible to meet as the next election nears.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made his mark on Canadian politics.  It is a hectic life and Canadian voters will appreciate his departure.  Stephen Harper knows it is better to leave politics on his terms than those of the voters.

Friday, September 26, 2014

About the Senate

Preston Manning, former leader of the Reform Party, introduced the notion of a Senate that is equal, effective and elected.  It became commonly known as a Triple E Senate if it ever became law.  To make it legal would require an agreement within the countries provinces and territories.  That is not likely to ever happen.  It would require an amendment to Canada's Constitution and the public is not keen on any amendments to the constitution.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Conflict in Ukraine

I have no less than 40 emails from the Office of the Prime Minister addressing the matter of the conflict in the Ukraine by apparent Russian backed rebels.  The Prime Minister and Minister John Baird are the primary spokespersons on behalf of Canada.  It began with Crimea and has escalated to the horrific downing of a commercial aircraft.

Over the last 5 months our government has only announced another round of expanded sanctions and sent some fighter jets to the region in anticipation of a supposed expansion of the conflict to those countries surrounding and near Ukraine.  What evidence is there the sanctions are having any effect and what measurable effect have out fighter jets had in the region?

Canada sent 6 jets around the middle of April and Canada has sent about 75 military personnel to join an international alliance.  Our military will join the American core of support.  I don’t know who will command our jets.

My point is that the Office of the Prime Minister on behalf of Canada has achieved little to resolve the issue in Ukraine, but it sounds good for Ukrainians around the world and we are cooperating with the similarly weak efforts of our international allies.

Putin needs a good slap by completely isolating him from the rest of the world until the people of Russia realize his personal power trip is at the complete expense of all the people of the Russian Federation.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Jason Kenney - Doing it Right

It has long been argued that governments are never defeated, but rather defeat themselves.  The Harper Government is moving forward with reckless abandon to position themselves for that inevitability.

There are 100 good reasons for Canadian voters not to support the Harper Government at the next election.  It takes a 100 reasons to get elected and only one reason to get defeated.  The dictatorial Harper Government may be well positioned to be defeated at the next election.

They may have only one savior and I believe that is Jason Kenney.  Minister Kenney is a problem solver who consults with all stakeholders before making a decision.  He is then fearless when it comes to respectfully defending his decision openly with the media and Canadian voters.

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper were to be replaced by Jason Kenney the conservative’s inevitable destiny of defeat may not be immediate.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Heavy Hand of Party Brass

A recent poll indicated Canadian voters are opposed to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's conditions for his candidates to be pro choice. The poll was 70% against Justin and 30% in favour regarding this matter. I understand the question was “Does Justin Trudeau have the right to impose this condition?”

Regardless of how you feel about the issue the Liberal Leader has the right to impose this condition. Many will recall that former Premier Grant Devine was denied the right to run for the nomination as a federal Conservative candidate by the Harper conservatives. He ended up running as an independent and lost. Many will also recall Grant Schmidt, a former cabinet minister in the Grant Devine Government, ran and won the nomination against a sitting SaskParty MLA. The Brad Wall SaskParty overturned the democratic process and denied Grant Schmidt as a democratically nominated candidate in favour of Bob Bejornerud, who went on to reclaim his constituency at the next provincial election.

It is apparent the leadership of political parties have the right to do whatever suits them when it comes to selecting whom they want to run for them in any upcoming election. The people in local constituency associations should decide whom they want representing them free of conditions imposed by the heavy hand of party brass.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Federal Conservatives Escape Again

The Elections Commissioner has halted any further probe into the 2011 federal election robocalls. Canada's elections investigator claims there is insufficient evidence regarding fraudulent robocalls during the 2011 election to warrant charges by the federal public prosecutor.

The long-awaited report from commissioner of elections Yves Cote indicated difficulties investigators faced in gathering evidence in ridings other than Guelph, Ontario, where a single junior Conservative staffer is facing charges.

This entire matter will now not be referred to the federal director of public prosecutions. Cote's decision in this matter is apparently supported by an independent review by a former Supreme Court justice.

So where is the justice when a political party is alleged to have breached election guidelines and there is no process to investigate with the authority necessary to lay charges and make them stick in a court of law?  There is apparently no process in place to compel potential witnesses and parties to fully cooperate with investigators.

The Harper Government is currently in the process of changing election rules in a new and highly controversial Fair Elections Act.  It is apparent the Harper conservatives want to have control over the next federal election.

Cote says Elections Canada needs the power to compel testimony.  This is something the Harper Conservatives have conveniently left out of their controversial new elections overhaul despite calls last year for increased investigative powers.

It is apparent Canada has problems within their own system of government and elections. Recent Senate scandals and election investigations are the proof.  And there is far more to the Harper Government's Fair Elections Act than simply proof of identification before casting a vote in a federal election.

Yesterday the Harper Government announced it is committing to support Ukraine during this important period of transition.  To this end, on April 23, 2014, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced $11 million in support that could see up to 500 observers travel to Ukraine to monitor the upcoming presidential elections.  This support would be targeted towards three new initiatives that will promote democracy in Ukraine in the lead up to the country's presidential elections taking place on May 25, 2014.  How ironic is that?

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Senate Scandal

We learned today the RCMP have dropped the charges against the Prime Minister's former Chief of Staff Nigel Wright for writing a $90,000 cheque to suspended Senator Mike Duffy. The RCMP concluded the evidence they gathered was insufficient to support criminal charges against Mr. Wright.

So one person alleged to be involved in the Conservative Senate scandal has been cleared. It will be interesting if the others named in the Senate scandal will be cleared as well. Was it all just a forgivable mistake? I am very interested in the final outcome and I suspect Canadians are too.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Jim Flaherty

You may express your comments and condolences on the passing of Jim Flaherty at the following link:

Express your Condolences

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jim Flaherty

It is a sad day for Canadians as they learn former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty passed away. The Harper Government promised that the Minister of Finance had a balanced budget for Canadians in 2015. Sadly, Jim Flaherty passed away too early at the age of 64, having just resigned as Finance Minister only a few weeks ago.  He is now denied the opportunity to see the Harper Government deliver on their promise to bring in a balanced budget in 2015.

Jim Flaherty was the only finance minister to serve under Prime Minister Stephen Harper since 2006. It is hoped that the Harper Government, no matter how they juggle the books, will deliver on their promise of a balanced budget in 2015 and dedicate it in memory of former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

On a more personal note it is a tragic loss to Mr. Flaherty's family.  They will miss having him around for close family times in his retirement from the hectic life of politics.

It is hoped that Jim Flaherty will be remembered as a dedicated politician who served the public with passion and respect.  His role as Minister of Finance under Prime Minister Stephen Harper must have been difficult, but he prevailed right up to the end.  He is to be respected for his dedication and commitment.

May God Bless and comfort his family during this sad time in the passing of a husband and father.

Tuesday, April 08, 2014


The issue of income-splitting is a divisive issue for the Harper Government. It may have caused former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to resign when he publicly crossed the line and Prime Minister Stephen Harper over the issue.

The Harper Government promised in the 2011 election to introduce income-splitting as a means of assisting families. Jim Flaherty believes the policy divides conservative MP's and he understands it will benefit mostly the rich and do little to assist low-income and middle-income families. Further, he understands it will come at a great expense to the Harper Government.

Flaherty was only a year away from introducing the Harper Governments' first balanced budget and understood income-splitting would take the Harper Government right back into debt with more deficit budgets.

According to the C.D. Howe Institute, 85 percent of Canadian households would gain nothing from the measure. Benefits for the remaining 15 percent of Canadian families are more likely to go to the more wealthy single-income households.

It is likely the Harper Government will partly backslide on their election promise as it is more costly now than when they made the promise. The Harper Government's income-spitting promise is projected to cost 2.7 billion and benefit mostly wealthy family households. It was only to come into effect when the government was able to balance their budget and that is expected to come in 2015 just before the next federal election.

The federal liberals are targeting the middle-class and may come up with a more effective policy that trumps the Harper Government's promise and provides benefits to more voters who are not considered the rich. The great divide between the rich and not so rich is a challenge to all political parties as the next federal election nears.

Whatever the Harper Government promises will be on borrowed money as Prime Minister Harper now reigns over the worst national debt in Canadian history. It is evident he has not managed our economy, but has indebted future generations for decades to come. It seems Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done a good job of driving young voters to Justin Trudeau and the liberals.

Who wins the middle-income voters may well win the next election.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Weather Blues

Here is something to cheer up all you people who are fed up with winter and seeking just a hint of spring.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Since Russia is in the news every night at this time you may want to visit the
Embassy of the Russian Federation in Canada

Ukraine and Nuclear Weapons

If you are interested in this issue then click the following two links:

Link One
Link Two

Friday, March 21, 2014

Hurting Russia over the Ukraine issue - Not

Check this link and then ask what has Canada really done to hurt Russia over the Ukraine issue.  You can also ask Brad Wall if we stop drinking Vodka will Russia be brought to their knees.  Not likely!  If Russia produced 90% of Canada's tobacco products would Canadians stop smoking.

Canadian / Russian Trade and Business Relations

The Harper Government could stop doing business with Russia, but that would harm Canada and Canadian business interests.  So the ineffective measures taken by the Harper Government to date are primarily to secure votes at the next election.  All the Harper Government has done is invoke travel bans and economic sanctions on some Russian and Ukrainian officials.

If you really want to hurt Russia over the Ukraine issue then stop doing business with them. That is not likely to happen as it runs against the Harper Government's Foreign Policy.

The Ukraine is near bankruptcy and the larger question may be how many Canadian tax dollars will the Harper Government send to the Ukraine.  It will be a risky investment at best as many of those dollars may end up in Russia.  Becoming involved in the conflicts of other nations is always a costly and complicated affair.  Afghanistan being the latest.  We just got out of there and now two Canadians have been killed in a shooting by four gunmen in a Kabul hotel on Friday leaving Canadians to ponder just how secure we left Afghanistan with the departure of our military.

Where nations are at, or near, war then any involvement by Canada must be made by the Parliament of Canada and not just the Prime Minister.  When the Prime Minister sent a delegation to the Ukraine he excluded the opposition parties.  That was wrong!

To put all this in another context what would Prime Minister Harper do if France sent officials to Quebec to help them get out of Canada and while here threatened military intervention to protect French speaking Canadians?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Quebec election: Why Pierre Karl Peladeau's candidacy is a big deal | CTV News

Star candidates are usually more trouble than they are worth.  Pierre Karl Peladeau is already causing problems for PQ Leader Pauline Marois as she had to literally push him away from her podium.  Peladeau is both a threat to the PQ Leader and a threat to national unity.

Why do we Canadians tolerate those whom are so publicly opposed to their own country. The Peladeau family made their millions in Canada.  Pierre Karl Peladeau is a millionaire and built his empire here and not in some distant land.  Canada is not perfect, but it is one of the best countries in the world.  How can Quebec with borders be better?  Ask Pierre Karl Peladeau!

Quebec election: Why Pierre Karl Peladeau's candidacy is a big deal | CTV News

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Premier Brad Wall - Preparing to Leave?

Saskatchewan's Premier Brad Wall is a good Premier and, like former Premier Grant Devine, is a good cheer leader.  Brad Wall was brought into provincial politics during the Devine era and learned what worked and what did not work.  Both Devine and Wall have a certain star-power created and fueled by the media.

Most recently, upon Premier Wall's visit to Washington, the media were asking him about his future after politics.  Maybe Canada's Ambassador to the United States or maybe CFL commissioner.  Here is where these two Premier's differ.  More than any other Premier Brad Wall is establishing opportunities for when he is no longer Premier.  Grant Devine failed in that respect and denied even the right to run as a federal conservative candidate, which I believe was unfair and and undemocratic.  Grant Devine allowed me to serve in Executive Council, but denied me the opportunity to serve in Cabinet, as I would not agree to unreasonable restrictions he intended to impose.  That too was unfair and costly to me and my constituents.

Grant Devine has not had a very significant post Premier life, due in some part, to how he conducted himself as Premier.  Devine bemoans the fact he was left with no platform to express his political views.  I established my own platform as a writer, speaker and campaign organizer for conservatives and liberals.  Devine could have done the same as he was a liberal and a conservative.

Premier Wall is working hard to prepare himself for post Premier life and the media is trying to show him the way.  Devine just went home to look after the cows at his small farm near Moose Jaw.  Will Wall just go home and get a job at a local store in Swift Current.  Not likely!  Watch for a possible appointment that may retire him from his position as Saskatchewan's "Star" Premier.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Concern regarding Canada's Arctic Ice Caps

The increasing loss of Canada's Arctic Ice Caps is mostly man made.  Regardless, the Harper Government continues to stall on imposing restrictions on damaging emissions from the Alberta Tar Sands.  The Harper Government monitors the loss of Canada's Arctic Ice Caps, understands the causes and consequences to our environment, and still fails to act. Canadians have no recourse than to trust the Harper Government to act responsibly respecting this important matter, but when.

Canada’s Arctic ice caps melting rapidly since 2005, according to documents

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Smokers pay for New Spending

Apparently, we can thank smokers for the new spending announced in the Harper Government's recent budget.  The new spending amounts to $700 million.  The Harper Government will rake in $700 million, in new revenue, from their increase on tobacco products.

The Harper Government holds the record for the largest debt in Canadian history and Harper is now asking the middle class and smokers to help him bail out of the debt he created.  The divide between the rich and the poor has only widened under the Harper Government.

The Harper government has no idea how to balance a budget and if they do, it will be in 2015 before the next federal election.  If Canadian voters give Stephen Harper another four years at the next election, expect more deficit budgets and an ever-increasing Canadian debt.

Stephen Harper is singing, "Please Release Me."  In the interests of Canada Harper must be released and allowed to pursue his real talent of playing the piano.  

Honouring a Great Canadian

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

2014 Sochi Olympics

In Canada, we could not be more tolerant of individual human rights regardless of the nature of what that may be from time to time.  I make no arguments in this regard.

It is unfortunate the issue of human rights is in the spotlight in the lead up to the 2014 Sochi Olympics.  It seems to me that the spotlight should be on all the athletes, regardless of issues surrounding human rights.  If the Olympics were to be a venue for opposing what countries believe then a promo tent for democracy would be appropriate in communist Russia.

I have a passion for tennis and there are no human rights issues in professional tennis played in countries all over the world.  I have a passion for most sports.  I admire and am thrilled with the skills of both amateur and professional athletes regardless of who they are, what they are, or where they come from.  Lets shine a light on the skills of the athletes.

We can fight the Russians on human rights after the Olympics and then ask what human rights our Veterans have in Canada.  Let the games begin!

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Teaching French in Saskatchewan

The following link points to an important message regarding how to teach French to young students.  It points to the value and importance of the French language in Saskatchewan and Canada.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Canada in Crisis

The Prime Minister will entertain an emergency debate in the House of Commons when parliament resumes.  The debate will focus on the crisis in Ukraine where there their government essentially answers to Russia and not the people.  The crisis is now as much about human rights as it is political.  It is a tragic and immense conflict with dangerous consequences affecting the region and the world.  It is an interesting call.  What will the debate resolve?  Has Canada a place in this conflict?  Yes, Canada has a positive and significant history with Ukraine in past conflicts.  How does that play out in this conflict and these times of constant conflicts and demonstrations in numerous countries around the world?

How many emergency debates have we had in the House of Commons on Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Sudan, Libya, Palestine, Iraq, Syria, or the whole Middle East and Africa for that matter.  We even failed to have an emergency debate on the Senate scandal surrounding the Office of the Prime Minister.  There is more trouble for the Prime Minister, as Chuck Strahl had to resign as Chairman of the Security Intelligence Review Committee.  Deborah Grey elected in 1989, as the Reform Party’s first Member of Parliament will temporarily replace him.  I have no idea what these two individuals know about security or intelligence.

It is clear the Prime Minister has an abundance of problems at home in Canada, including the bulging national debt; consecutive deficits, the falling value of our Canadian currency and an economy speculated to fall short of the Government’s projections by the end of 2014.  It is unclear what a debate in the House of Commons over the Ukraine will resolve other than to divert attention away from the hot issues surrounding Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his government.

The Prime Minister has returned from his latest trip to the Middle East.  He committed funds to Jordan for education to assist Jordan with the influx of child refugees from Syria.  Funds for develop and security in Jordan resulting from the conflict in Syria and additional funds for humanitarian efforts to assist with the fallout from the Syrian conflict.  The Prime Minister also committed funds to assist in the destruction of chemical weapons in Syria.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced support in Jordan for the Learning Empowerment and Play project to help support children living in Jordanian communities most affected by the influx of child refugees from Syria.

Then he committed support for development and security reforms in the West Bank and Gaza and negotiations to expand free trade with Israel.  He also committed to a Canada – Israel strategic partnership Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The list goes on as the debt goes higher at nearly 50 million per day.

Now what are we going to do for the conflict in Ukraine?

Friday, January 03, 2014

CTV Pampers Ontario

The following is an email I sent to CTV today.

"When are you going to get over pampering central Canada in your news reports regarding the weather?  You carry on as if it is cold there when it is balmy compared to Saskatchewan or Alberta.  Saskatchewan has had more cold weather this year than Ontario.  If Ontario had our cold temperatures then you would have something to report.  You seem to think that it is cold at –20 in Ontario, but you never mention Saskatchewan when it is –30 to –40.  What is with that?  In addition, just a reminder unless you have forgot, Saskatchewan is in western Canada just west of Manitoba.  Moreover, for your information we had a storm roar through here today, so put that on the weather news.  I will watch the news tonight to see if you are still pampering Ontario.

Question: What do some Ontario residents and BMW’s have in common?

Answer: Food stamps."