Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Federal Budget

Here is what you can expect.  A balanced budget.  PM Harper's first ever after promising to never run a deficit budget.  This balanced budget will be his last.

There will be more money for war, security and policing as Harper continues to run his pre-election campaign of fear and terror via the budget using tax dollars.

Funds in the budget will be spread out over years or decades and some of the budget pledges may require you to re-elect the Harper conservatives.  It will be something like all the millions of tax-payers dollars the Harper Government has wasted on unnecessary government ads since Stephen Harper gained a majority government.

Then there will be the costly and useless income-splitting promised by Harper that will benefit 15% of the Canadian population (all rich) paid for by the remaining 85% of Canadian taxpayers.  This is conservative economics 101.

There will be promises to treat our veterans better and a mention about families and how the conservatives are on their side with little funding to support the claim.

This budget will be in the news for a long time!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

PM Stephen Harper at New Low

The Harper government is now at a new low and little wonder.  His government has posted a big fat zero for economic growth in the first three months of 2015.

And making matters worse for the Harper conservatives is the Mike Duffy trial, which may well track right back to the Office of the Prime Minister.  Many will ask why the PM didn't know what his Chief of Staff, Nigel Wright, was doing when he wrote a secret cheque for $90,000.00 to Mike Duffy.  That seems like a reasonable question to me.  Further, the Duffy trial is expected to be a long trial and may run right into the next federal election.

Now we learn Toyota is moving production out of Ontario to Mexico and China.  That will not impress voters in Ontario.

And then there is the matter of the Supreme Court of Canada again ruling against the Harper Government.  This one is a decision regarding mandatory minimum sentences for gun crimes.

Now for the first time the Harper conservatives are trailing the liberals and the NDP in the latest nanos poll.  I can understand the Harper conservatives trailing the liberals, but the NDP is really hard to believe.  Stephen Harper should take a long look over his shoulder because Elizabeth May of the Green Party at 34% is rising in the polls.

Maybe it is time for the Prime Minister to make a call to Kim Campbell.  As a former Prime Minister she knows how to live well in a life after politics.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Stephen Harper - No Vision

PM Harper has served as Canada's Prime Minister since 2006.  What has he achieved for Canada?  In comparison to previous Prime Ministers very little for those whom care to look at the facts.  He has travelled all over the world for hundreds of photo ops and has done everything to appear as a great Prime Minister, but it is all an illusion.

Former Premier of Saskatchewan Grant Devine once said you could mismanage Saskatchewan's economy and still break even.  Stephen Harper tried the same thing with Canada's economy and came to the same conclusion as Grant Devine.  It doesn't work!  Devine messed up Saskatchewan's economy and Harper has messed up Canada's economy.  The facts speak for themselves.  Devine ran up the debt in Saskatchewan and Harper has done the same for Canada and Stephen Harper has still failed to introduce his first balanced budget.

There is not one economic reality that speaks well for Grant Devine or Stephen Harper.  Grant Devine was not left with a strong economy when he became Premier and he then proceeded to make it worse.  Stephen Harper was left with a strong economy and a budget surplus, but squandered that and like Grant Devine proceeded to drive the economy into a big whole.  The problem is that every Canadian is financially harmed when a government fails to effectively manage the economy.

Interestingly, both Grant Devine and Stephen Harper have formal education in economics.  It seems that has failed them both and in the process failed all Canadians.  The Prime Minister knows he has failed economically and that is why you hear him ranting everyday about war, terrorists and security. Scare the voters into believing you can protect them and they will forget about the economy.  Again, what has Prime Minister Stephen Harper really achieved for Canada?  Where is his vision for Canada?