Sunday, June 26, 2016

Self-regulated Bodies

A word about self-regulated bodies.  Lawyers are regulated by the Law Society of Saskatchewan.  A body of lawyers regulating the conduct of their own.

Judges are more difficult to deal with respecting any misconduct.  If one is not pleased with a judge for whatever reason they can file a written complaint to the Canadian Judicial Council.  If you don’t agree with their decision you can make an application at the Federal Court for Judicial Review of the Canadian Judicial Councils decision.  This would be judge’s ruling against judges.  How well will that work for you as a mere citizen?

The Saskatchewan Medical Association and the College of Physicians and Surgeons both play an important role in monitoring and managing complaints respecting practicing physicians and Surgeons.  If you are concerned with any misconduct respecting doctors, Surgeons or any other person acting as a professional within the health care system then you are well advised to write a letter to either the SMA or the College and they will instruct you as to your appropriate course of action.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Extreme Conservatives

Here are three extreme conservatives that stand out from the rest.  Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and John Gormley. The only thing that separates them is the fact that one is a woman and the other two are men.  And of course two live in the United States and one lives in Canada.

I too am a conservative from an ideological perspective.  When the conservatives go into extreme mode then I just unplug from the conservatives.  Extreme is not a good place to be from a political perspective.  Most voters tend to be rational and in the middle of the political spectrum.

Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year.

God has Blessed Canada with enormous wealth and prosperity.  Unfortunately, not everyone shares in the opportunity for a good standard of living due to, for the most part, illness, addictions, lack of education and to some extent where one lives in Canada.

Then there are some who simply choose not to work.  You can call it lazy, lack of initiative or poor self esteem.  Canadians and the government need to address these issues.  It is in the interests of everyone and our country to get the unemployed healthy, educated and working again.

It is very important to Canada and all Canadians if we are to continue as a wealthy and prosperous country.  May God continue to Bless Canada as we prepare to move into 2016.

Monday, November 16, 2015

2015 Federal Election

What more can be said about the recent 2015 federal election?  To begin with governments usually defeat themselves when in power too long.  This was the fate of the Harper conservatives, but it was not entirely the fault of Stephen Harper.  The conservative caucus should have had the courage to stand up and oppose Mr. Harper and the power he controlled out of his Prime Ministerial Office.  They were too afraid of being thrown under the bus and the voters finally took control and threw them out of office.  They got what they deserved.

The election results reflected the voters mood for change, the Harper conservatives ran a poor election and the liberals played to the mood of the voters during an unnecessarily long election.  Adding to the liberals support was the collapse of the NDP vote on their poor choices during the campaign.  I am pleased with the election results.  Justin Trudeau and some new faces in government is just what Canada needs.

I caution the new liberal government to not get caught up with their good fortune.  Yes they have a majority government, but they need to remember their win was not all on their own brilliance.  It was as much the failure of the other two parties during the campaign and this can all turn on a dime in a very short time.

Finally, the media and the official opposition, in the interests of Canada, should back off petty and speculative attacks on the government.  Giving this new majority liberal government time to govern may assist in supporting necessary cooperation among our Members of Parliament.

Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

How many voters will understand the implications of The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before the next election?  Not many and for those whom do only the NDP support will be hurt as Tom Mulcair has come out fully against the trade deal.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has correctly stated he supports the TPP.  His concerns are that the deal has been finalized in the middle of an election campaign with no transparency for the voters. Further, if elected Prime Minister he will rightfully examine the TPP in detail and move forward from there.

The TPP will only hurt the NDP and it will do little to improve Stephen Harper's support as the conservative vote has peaked and has been stalled around 30% for most of the election.

The media and others will claim Justin Trudeau is undecided over the TPP.  That is not true as he only feels he needs to examine the details of the TPP on behalf of all Canadians before he approves the TPP.  That is a responsible position for any responsible leader like Justin Trudeau.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mud Slingers

Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair have slung more mud than the Alberta Oil Sands at Justin Trudeau. The problem is it never sticks on Justin Trudeau and to his credit he has mostly stayed out of the mud slinging in this federal election.

Justin Trudeau has shown he is a tough politician who refuses to back down to his older opponents of Stephen Harper and Tom Mulclair.  They thought he would crumble and fade away after the cruel and personal attacks they both threw at him.  The fact is Justin Trudeau shines brighter every day as his older opponents find themselves falling in the polls.

The Russians are Coming

If the Russians want to take on ISIS in support of Syria as they claim, is there a good reason why the US led coalition should not get out of the Middle East?

The Russians have an agreement with Syria, Iraq and Iran to engage in conflict with ISIS.  It seems those countries have already chosen the Russians over the US led coalition.

I say let the Russians have at it and the US led coalition can just pull out and save us all a lot of money.  President Obama says we are losing the war in Syria and Iraq and there are few who disagree except Stephen Harper.  He believes that ISIS will invade Canada if he pulls out all those six CF-18 fighter jets.

Stephen Harper has made the argument repeatedly during this federal election that he is providing safety for Canadians by having a half dozen fighter jets fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  I don't buy that argument and especially since the US led coalition has lost the confidence of Syria, Iraq and Iran to the Russians.

Stephen Harper is misleading Canadians by claiming our involvement there is making any difference. We are only there as a token to satisfy the US and if they pull out you can be sure Harper will do the same.  Then what argument will he be left with?