Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trudeau Attacks and Harper Defends

The worst thing a political party can do in an election is to be left spending their campaign time on the defensive.  He has been defending on the Duffy trial and what he knew or didn't know.  If he knew nothing, as he claims, and all the King's Men knew everything then where does that leave Stephen Harper as a leader in the PMO's Office?

The whole stinky mess surrounding Duffy went on for days and all the PMO's staff were involved claiming they don't read all their emails.  With all this rumble out of the PMO's Office going on Stephen Harper claims he knew nothing.  No one believes Harper because no PM in the history of Canada has been more controlling.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stephen Harper Misleading Voters

Stephen Harper is misleading voters when he claims he is the best person to guide the Canadian economy going forward.  Today he claimed his government is a government of balanced budgets. We all know better as he has never balanced a budget since he became Prime Minister.  He inherited a surplus from the liberal government and then went on to run up a 158 billion dollar national debt. Conservative governments have always had a history of failing to be prudent with taxpayer's dollars.

We are in our second recession under Harper's poor management of our economy.  We are approaching near 200 thousand fewer jobs now than when Stephen Harper became Prime Minister. Job quality is at a 25 year year low and household debt is near a record high.