Thursday, October 23, 2014

Proud to be Canadian

The tragic shooting on Parliament Hill yesterday took the life of an unarmed Canadian Forces reservist while he was standing guard at the National War Memorial. Corporal Nathan Frank Cirillo, was a proud Canadian and soldier standing guard over the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The shooter was Michael Joseph Zehaf-Bibeau, a Canadian, who had become deranged. His killing of Cpl. Cirillo was a senseless and cowardly act. The shooter then proceeded to enter the House of Commons where he was shot by the Sergeant-at Arms Kevin Vickers in an act of courage and bravery. For the balance of the day Parliament Hill and the House of Commons was in lock down until security forces gained total control of the situation.

Yesterday was a sad day for Canadians, but it was also a day where Canadians displayed their usual courage and resiliency when threatened. It was a day that made you proud to be Canadian and to clearly understand Canadians will never stand down when threatened.

Today in the House of Commons our parliamentarians, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Leader of the Official Opposition and Justin Trudeau all gave powerful speeches of unity when Canadian values are threatened. Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers was justly given a standing ovation as he entered the House of Commons. It was inspirational to see our parliamentarians back at work the day after this senseless attack on our democratic institution and on the values we cherish.

Canada has just served notice to those who may plot against us that you will be met with a force of bravery and courage at every turn. We will never stand down and always stand proud to defend Canada and the values and freedom we cherish.

A proud Canadian.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Thursday, October 02, 2014

Stephen Harper's Exit Strategy

Is Prime Minister Stephen Harper planning his exit strategy?  His focus on the world stage as opposed to domestic issues is an indicator he may be writing the last chapter of his political career.  Former Prime Ministers followed a similar path before their departure from politics.

Government’s usually defeat themselves eventually.  It can be argued the Harper Government has provided voters with enough reasons to seriously ponder a change at the next federal election.

I believe Stephen Harper has achieved all he believed possible and another term in office is not likely to make him look any better.  He is ramping up for a rare balanced budget and fiscal promises near impossible to meet as the next election nears.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has made his mark on Canadian politics.  It is a hectic life and Canadian voters will appreciate his departure.  Stephen Harper knows it is better to leave politics on his terms than those of the voters.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Conflict in Ukraine

I have no less than 40 emails from the Office of the Prime Minister addressing the matter of the conflict in the Ukraine by apparent Russian backed rebels.  The Prime Minister and Minister John Baird are the primary spokespersons on behalf of Canada.  It began with Crimea and has escalated to the horrific downing of a commercial aircraft.

Over the last 5 months our government has only announced another round of expanded sanctions and sent some fighter jets to the region in anticipation of a supposed expansion of the conflict to those countries surrounding and near Ukraine.  What evidence is there the sanctions are having any effect and what measurable effect have out fighter jets had in the region?

Canada sent 6 jets around the middle of April and Canada has sent about 75 military personnel to join an international alliance.  Our military will join the American core of support.  I don’t know who will command our jets.

My point is that the Office of the Prime Minister on behalf of Canada has achieved little to resolve the issue in Ukraine, but it sounds good for Ukrainians around the world and we are cooperating with the similarly weak efforts of our international allies.

Putin needs a good slap by completely isolating him from the rest of the world until the people of Russia realize his personal power trip is at the complete expense of all the people of the Russian Federation.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Jason Kenney - Doing it Right

It has long been argued that governments are never defeated, but rather defeat themselves.  The Harper Government is moving forward with reckless abandon to position themselves for that inevitability.

There are 100 good reasons for Canadian voters not to support the Harper Government at the next election.  It takes a 100 reasons to get elected and only one reason to get defeated.  The dictatorial Harper Government may be well positioned to be defeated at the next election.

They may have only one savior and I believe that is Jason Kenney.  Minister Kenney is a problem solver who consults with all stakeholders before making a decision.  He is then fearless when it comes to respectfully defending his decision openly with the media and Canadian voters.

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper were to be replaced by Jason Kenney the conservative’s inevitable destiny of defeat may not be immediate.