Wednesday, May 27, 2015


I am sorry I am unable to post commentaries to my blog.  I have been trying to manage some medical issues over the last few months.  I promise I will be back at it as soon as I am well again.  My blog is still a good research tool if you follow the labels and go back a few months or years.

Friday, May 01, 2015


In late April of this year Bruce Jenner a former US Olympian champion and reality TV star reported to ABC news channel his coming out as a transgender.

Bruce Jenner was hailed for his bravery and I believe he was very courageous to speak honestly about how he feels.  To transition from a male to a female redefines the meaning of change.

Now there is the matter of the recent federal budget.  PM Stephen Harper finally introduced a balanced budget.  This is his first ever, but he stole $2B from the federal government's rainy day fund to balance the budget?  This fund was not intended for balancing budgets.

PM Stephen Harper is responsible for the largest national debt in the history of Canada.  Now if Canadian voters look at their own personal debt and believe it is not a problem then they will not be concerned with the National debt, but they should be concerned.

PM Stephen Harper has been robbing from poor Peter to pay rich Paul for too long.  The Harper Government has been reckless with the Canadian economy  and Canadian taxpayers will soon have to pay the price.

It is time for PM Stephen Harper to show some Jenner bravery and courage.  He needs to honestly address the matter of a failing Canadian economy.  Canadian voters should expect no less!