Thursday, September 29, 2011

MP Brad Trost Remains Firm

Brad Trost, the conservative MP for Saskatoon-Humboldt remains firm in his opposition to the federal government funding Planned Parenthood.  The recent announcement by the federal government commits six million of Canadian tax dollars to Planned Parenthood outside our borders in countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Mali, Sudan, and Tanzania.

John Gormley opposes the position taken by Brad Trost.  The public needs to know that John Gormley was never re-elected like Brad Trost.  The public also needs to know that MP's have a right to speak their minds on the issues regardless of the consequences.  It is their responsibility.  Too many MP's remain silent on the issues and that serves no good purpose.  John Gormley attempts to make the argument that Trost does not represent a majority of Canadians on the issue of Planned Parenthood.  That point is irrelevant as Brad Trost makes no claim in this regard.

Brad Trost is performing as all MP's should and that is to speak out on the issues that matter to him and his constituents regardless of whether it represents a majority of voters in his constituency or the country.  At least the voters know where he stands on this issue.  They knew it before the last federal election and still returned him to office.  It does not matter what John Gormley thinks on any issue because he is accountable to none other than himself.  It does matter what Brad Trost thinks on the issues because he is accountable to both himself and his constituents.

Attempts by John Gormley to paint Brad Trost as some kind of renegade opposing the Prime Minister on this issue is unreasonable.  We should take John Gormley with a large grain of salt.  Brad Trost is right on this issue.  He deserves the support of voters in his constituency and across the country.  If the Prime Minister is eager to spend six million dollars, it should be for Canadians.  Read more...