Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Too Late

Isn’t it interesting how we never pay any attention to anything until it is too late? It seems to be the nature of humankind.

We have not paid any attention to the warnings about global warming and nor have we paid much attention to how we are polluting the planet we live on. It seems these issues are now being believed, but is it too late?

Years ago we never paid much attention to aids and now we as a society have and are still paying the price through suffering and the loss of life.

Even regarding issues close to home we never get alarmed until there is a loss of life. This could be a person in our community long believed to be a danger to any one of us. We don’t do anything about it until some person pays the price with their life. It may have been a highway intersection or a railway crossing. It may have been bullying in our schools or community.

Now we are facing the avian virus that has the potential to mutate and turn into a worldwide pandemic. It is believed this avian virus may reach the North American continent in the next few months. Are we concerned? Yes, but only recently have we began to realize that this is a real possibility and if not with this virus then with some other strain.

I suggest it is time we begin to pay attention to the issues that may harm or kill us and take action. We have a new conservative government who will be expected to take action and act on the important issues that may harm the citizens of Canada. Will they act? I believe they will. Will it be too late? I don’t know. I do know it time for each of us to take these matters seriously. It is time to pay attention before it is too late.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


This is just a short note to inform everyone that I have entered the popular world of podcasting. I don't know how long I will podcast as it is a bit of work on a regular basis. I have too many other things going on in my life. I will have to make a decision on where to rate podcasting with all the other priorities I have to meet every week.

Regardless, I am podcasting now just for the learning experience. I invite everyone to visit my podcast called Birkbeck's Pod-Talk and click on the Episodes link for the audio.

You can also go to Podcasting.net for a full directory of all the podcasts and from this site you can subscribe to my Pod-Talk.

Please enjoy and Have a Great Day!

2006 Tim Horton's Brier

Congratulations to Jean-Michel Ménard (Skip), François Roberge,Eric Sylvain, Maxime Elmaleh,Jean Gagnon and Coach, Michel St-Onge. They won the 2006 Brier by defeating Glen Howard's Ontario dream team in the final. It was a close match and you didn't really want to see either team lose. They were both great teams and in the final it was Quebec's day.

Quebec will now proudly wear the Maple Leaf and represent Canada in the Men's World Championship in Lowell, Massachusetts.

I wish them all the best.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

2006 Tim Horton's Brier

I know it is early to be expressing disappointment in the Pat Simmons team representing Saskatchewan at the Tim Horton’s Brier here in Saskatchewan. They have only played two games and the first was up against the always-tough Mark Dacey from Nova Scotia and a strong team from Quebec. Regardless, you have to be good to win the honour to represent Saskatchewan. This province is loaded with some of the finest curlers in the world.

The Simmons team lost both their opening games and was never a threat to either Nova Scotia or Quebec. In their game against Quebec they gave up an unforgivable four points in the first end and quit after the seventh. Maybe they should have stayed on the ice for the full ten ends just for practice and to give the fans their money’s worth. How does that happen against a team with the supposed talent of the Simmons team? It must be disappointing for the front end of the Simmons team as they are as good a lead and second as you can find in the game.

Yes, I know, we can all say they are doing their best, but is that what Canadians said about Team Canada’s hockey team at the Olympics? Goodness, hockey and curling goes on almost 24-7 in this province all winter. We must accept that losing is a large part of every sport, but must it be our destiny to play that role most of the time?

I just think it is time we stepped it up a bit. Do we have to bring Rick Folk back to give us a shot at a curling title? Quite frankly, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring him back as motivation for all the curlers who are attempting to compete at the national or world level. He is one of the finest curlers out of Saskatchewan, along with the legendary Richardson’s and Campbell’s, and he is one of the finest people you could ever hope to meet. He is right up there with the legendary Saskatchewan football coach, Gordon Currie as one of Saskatchewan’s finest and most accomplished people. It is upon these legends of sport that young aspiring curlers must look to if they truly want to learn what it takes to be champions of great character.

Please excuse me for being disappointed, but I expect more from the curling talent we have in Saskatchewan. I wish the Simmons team all the best and I feel bad for them, but damn it I feel bad too or I wouldn’t be writing this letter. If the Simmons team should rebound from two opening losses and go on to make the play offs it will be nothing short of a miracle. I will pray for that!