Friday, June 27, 2014

Jason Kenney - Doing it Right

It has long been argued that governments are never defeated, but rather defeat themselves.  The Harper Government is moving forward with reckless abandon to position themselves for that inevitability.

There are 100 good reasons for Canadian voters not to support the Harper Government at the next election.  It takes a 100 reasons to get elected and only one reason to get defeated.  The dictatorial Harper Government may be well positioned to be defeated at the next election.

They may have only one savior and I believe that is Jason Kenney.  Minister Kenney is a problem solver who consults with all stakeholders before making a decision.  He is then fearless when it comes to respectfully defending his decision openly with the media and Canadian voters.

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper were to be replaced by Jason Kenney the conservative’s inevitable destiny of defeat may not be immediate.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The Heavy Hand of Party Brass

A recent poll indicated Canadian voters are opposed to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's conditions for his candidates to be pro choice. The poll was 70% against Justin and 30% in favour regarding this matter. I understand the question was “Does Justin Trudeau have the right to impose this condition?”

Regardless of how you feel about the issue the Liberal Leader has the right to impose this condition. Many will recall that former Premier Grant Devine was denied the right to run for the nomination as a federal Conservative candidate by the Harper conservatives. He ended up running as an independent and lost. Many will also recall Grant Schmidt, a former cabinet minister in the Grant Devine Government, ran and won the nomination against a sitting SaskParty MLA. The Brad Wall SaskParty overturned the democratic process and denied Grant Schmidt as a democratically nominated candidate in favour of Bob Bejornerud, who went on to reclaim his constituency at the next provincial election.

It is apparent the leadership of political parties have the right to do whatever suits them when it comes to selecting whom they want to run for them in any upcoming election. The people in local constituency associations should decide whom they want representing them free of conditions imposed by the heavy hand of party brass.