Wednesday, May 10, 2006

PM Stephen Harper Deals

Isn’t it interesting how so little changes from one government to another? Stephen Harper condemned the liberals when they were in a minority government for accepting an NDP proposal, Harper called unprecedented and irresponsible, for increased spending in the budget to secure their support.

Stephen Harper did the same thing by going to the NDP in a backroom meeting with a promise to essentially maintain the original deal the NDP had made with the liberals. It gets more interesting when you consider that the NDP had the money in the bank via Bill C-48, which they secured by calling all those who would benefit.

It was secured as the beneficiaries all lobbied the conservative government to make sure the funds in Bill C-48 would be delivered. Their efforts and the NDP strategy worked as it was found last month the conservative government is setting up independent trust funds to distribute around $3.6 billion from C-48.

Stephen Harper, like former Prime Minister Paul Martin, will do whatever it takes to stay in power. Harper will sing whatever tune we voters like if it keeps him in office. Do you have a tune in mind? Our Prime Minister is accepting requests everyday. His current strategy is to get the voters to sing the tunes he wants to hear. Not a bad strategy. Interesting!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Conservative Budget

Only a few short years ago the federal conservatives were on the verge of extinction. After numerous leaders and changes to the parties name the conservatives have come full circle. They are now back to the same party with only a slight change in name and it would seem their internal problems are now over.

Further, they are now back in government with a razor thin minority. Regardless, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is leading as if he had a majority. This is good, but he shouldn’t push it too hard. I am on record stating that Harper is on thin ice and risks losing power if he leads too strongly so as to leave Canadians out of the loop.

Canadians just threw the liberals out of power because they were a government out of control who had lost touch with Canadians. The public needs to feel their government on policy changes is at least informing them and a little consultation would go a long way. There is very little of that right now as Prime Minister Harper charges full speed ahead with his agenda.

That brings us to the budget. It is the best one I have seen in recent years. I can’t remember a better one. Every Canadian gets something out of this balanced budget. Yes, there is the argument that the conservatives are just spending all the taxpayers’ money the liberals banked in over a decade in power. I will argue that the liberals were over taxing Canadians and failed to return anything to Canadians through tax relief.

The Harper conservatives have it right for once. A budget that is balanced, fair to all Canadians, pays down the debt, includes planned reductions in government spending and at the same time invests in Canada through strategic increases in government spending that will be good for Canada in the long term. Is the budget perfect? No, but it’s as right as you can ever hope for from your government.

If the conservatives govern well in an accountable way that shows Canadians tangible results, as this budget does, then I forecast they will win the next three elections and in the process cause the liberals and the NDP to unite in some fashion. They may also force the Bloc into extinction and unite Canada in a way that all Canadians deserve.

Regardless of your political ideology, it is more important to support a party that is doing what is right for you and for your country. The Harper conservatives are doing that right now and deserve your support, but remember the thin ice.