Thursday, August 16, 2007

Goodale Versus Lukiwski

Tom Lukiwski, Member of Parliament for Regina Lumsden Lake Centre, took exception to a July 11, 2007 letter written by Ralph Goodale. Goodale argues Saskatchewan fared well under the previous liberal government and Lukiwski argues we have fared better under the new Harper conservative government. Interesting, I thought Harper was going to get government spending under control.

I think the argument is a waste of time and fails to serve the interests of the public. I would rather believe both governments and both Member’s of Parliament in question here are working as best they can to serve the public interest. They are paid well enough to do so and if they aren’t working in our interests then we should not be voting for them at the next election.

Lukiwski would be wise to look at Goodale’s record over the years as a politician. Regardless of what anyone thinks of the liberals or Ralph Goodale we know one thing and that is that Goodale has been a successful politician by the standard all politicians strive for and that is to be re-elected and apparently at any cost. Tom Lukiwski needs to set his sights on Goodale’s record at election time. Lukiwski missed the cut when Harper made his recent changes to his cabinet. I would respectfully suggest that Lukiwski focus on his own record of achievement and quit giving Goodale free press that Goodale doesn’t need.

Lukiwski and his advisors will eventually learn that you can never prop your self up by attempting to tear others down by innuendos or facts. I have known this to be Lukiwski’s nature for some time and it seems he hasn’t changed. Regardless, if he can be as convincing to the public that he is the greatest as Goodale has over the years then it really doesn’t matter if he is truly good, bad or indifferent because the public may re-elect him anyway. Tom Lukiwski and his predecessor are proof that anyone can get elected. Goodale and Lukiwski have never been humble, but they could at least try.

Without prejudice!