Thursday, October 27, 2011


How many reasons do the US and Canada need to get out of Afghanistan? Recent comments from Afghan president, Hamid Karzai stating he and Afghanistan will be there for Pakistan if war breaks out between the US and Pakistan is the latest reason.

No good is achievable, on the long term, in the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. The measure of success in Afghanistan pales in comparison to the loss of life within our military and the cost of over a billion dollars a year to Canadian taxpayers. Prime Minister, Stephen Harper even had this rebel address the House of Commons. I never did understand the merit of that decision.

American politicians are outraged as Operation Enduring Freedom cost 468 billion US dollars and 1,820 American soldiers. All this and Afghanistan will back Pakistan in a war against the US!

Leave Afghanistan, and only Afghanistan, to decide their own fate. The time to leave Afghanistan is now.  Read more...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Coffee Obsession

The obsession with Tim Horton’s coffee is amusing. I can appreciate a good cup of coffee as well as anyone, but sitting in a long line of vehicles at Tim Horton’s on a regular basis burning gas is ridiculous. On many days there are long lines of traffic that back right onto the street with the potential of an accident waiting to happen. Caffeine craze works 24/7 with peaks at certain times of the day and on certain days.

Orders for large or extra large double double or triple triple are high on the list if not the norm. People are truly hooked on coffee if not addicted. It truly is a phenomenon.

I refuse to get in the coffee line. I enjoy Tim Horton’s coffee and other coffee providers like Robin’s Donuts, McDonald’s and other providers. I refuse to sit in long lines anymore over a cup of coffee. It is easier to make a coffee at home for the road, and then cast a smile of relief as you drive by the long lines of traffic at a coffee drive through.

May patience, respect, and safe driving be on the minds of those still hooked on their obsession with a great cup of coffee? Moreover, Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Regina South Campaign

Yens Pedersen is a quality candidate for the NDP in Regina South. Regardless of how you may have voted in the past or of your political ideology Yens Pedersen is deserving of your vote. He is a fresh young face and a man who is prepared to hear and act on your particular point of view. Yens Pedersen is motivated by his constituents and less by the beliefs of his party or leader. He is a candidate with leadership qualities and a positive view to change for the future. He is not bogged down with the rhetoric of old party policies and more likely to act on modern day concerns faced by his constituents.

Bill Hutchinson is the incumbent MLA for Regina South. I met him once in my life and that was at my initiative a long time ago. Since his election, he never called me or came to visit. Hutchinson is a typical career politician. What else has he done?

By contrast, Yens Pedersen took the time to sit down in my backyard and visit with my family knowing I have been a conservative all my life. He knows I should naturally vote for the SaskParty, but still remained respectful and heard my views.  Further, he returns my phone calls.

I do not hold a membership in any party and I have not financially supported any party federally or provincially for many years. I vote for candidates whom are quality candidates and the best candidate running in my constituency. In Regina South, that would be Yens Pedersen.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Brad Wall Kicks Off Campaign

Brad Wall speaks to his government's record in the last four years as he kicks off the SaskParty's campaign for the 2011 Saskatchewan provincial election.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Saskatchewan Election

Well, here we go with another election in Saskatchewan. This one is interesting, as the outcome is clear before we get to vote. A foundational shift in Canadian and Saskatchewan politics has taken place over the last thirty-five years. Conservative parties have shifted to the centre and dominated the liberals and the NDP.

In Saskatchewan, it began in 1975 when I was elected as a Progressive Conservative. The liberals held the Moosomin constituency for decades and now shut out since my election in 1975. It continued in 1982 when the Grant Devine conservatives swept the province and eliminated the liberals. It became clear to conservatives when the Devine government was defeated in 1991 by the NDP that right wing policies would not fly in the long term.

A coalition of conservatives and liberals formed and the SaskParty was born resulting in Brad Wall becoming Premier of Saskatchewan. Over the last four years, they have governed near the middle keeping the left out of play. This foundational shift has worked nationally as well. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has abandoned his right wing policies in exchange for near middle policies.

This is why this provincial election result is clear. Expect the Brad Wall SaskParty to be re-elected to govern for another four years. This will leave the NDP and liberals with few elected members when the votes are all in and counted.