Friday, October 21, 2011

Coffee Obsession

The obsession with Tim Horton’s coffee is amusing. I can appreciate a good cup of coffee as well as anyone, but sitting in a long line of vehicles at Tim Horton’s on a regular basis burning gas is ridiculous. On many days there are long lines of traffic that back right onto the street with the potential of an accident waiting to happen. Caffeine craze works 24/7 with peaks at certain times of the day and on certain days.

Orders for large or extra large double double or triple triple are high on the list if not the norm. People are truly hooked on coffee if not addicted. It truly is a phenomenon.

I refuse to get in the coffee line. I enjoy Tim Horton’s coffee and other coffee providers like Robin’s Donuts, McDonald’s and other providers. I refuse to sit in long lines anymore over a cup of coffee. It is easier to make a coffee at home for the road, and then cast a smile of relief as you drive by the long lines of traffic at a coffee drive through.

May patience, respect, and safe driving be on the minds of those still hooked on their obsession with a great cup of coffee? Moreover, Have a Great Day!