Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 Saskatchewan Election

Well, here we go with another election in Saskatchewan. This one is interesting, as the outcome is clear before we get to vote. A foundational shift in Canadian and Saskatchewan politics has taken place over the last thirty-five years. Conservative parties have shifted to the centre and dominated the liberals and the NDP.

In Saskatchewan, it began in 1975 when I was elected as a Progressive Conservative. The liberals held the Moosomin constituency for decades and now shut out since my election in 1975. It continued in 1982 when the Grant Devine conservatives swept the province and eliminated the liberals. It became clear to conservatives when the Devine government was defeated in 1991 by the NDP that right wing policies would not fly in the long term.

A coalition of conservatives and liberals formed and the SaskParty was born resulting in Brad Wall becoming Premier of Saskatchewan. Over the last four years, they have governed near the middle keeping the left out of play. This foundational shift has worked nationally as well. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has abandoned his right wing policies in exchange for near middle policies.

This is why this provincial election result is clear. Expect the Brad Wall SaskParty to be re-elected to govern for another four years. This will leave the NDP and liberals with few elected members when the votes are all in and counted.