Larry was born in 1943 and calls Welwyn, Saskatchewan his hometown. There, he operated a successful farming business.

In 1975, he was elected to the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly and re-elected in 1978 and 1982. Larry became an accomplished speaker in the Legislative Assembly and was a guest speaker in numerous Saskatchewan communities.

He has also spoken in major cities across Canada and the United States.  In 1986, he returned to the private sector and established his own consulting business, Venus Consulting. Over the last twenty years, he has excelled in research and writing and has compiled documents on the ambulance industry, seniors care and housing and the hotel industry. Organized public hearings and made recommendations on farm related issues.

Larry served as a Federal-Provincial Liaison Officer for the Saskatchewan Emergency Measures Organization and Emergency Preparedness Canada. He documented a strategic action plan for the Saskatchewan Emergency Measures Organization under the provincial Department of Environment.

He has served on numerous boards and committees, most recently, the Saskatchewan Municipal Board and Board of Revenue Commissioners. He has submitted reports on various studies, including the Financial Management Review Commission.

Larry is intensively involved with new technology concepts and applications. On the basis of extensive research, he completed a major document entitled "Information Highway Technology." This document describes economic and information realities that are the product of new technologies. Recently, Larry has documented reports on government restructuring, advised on government communication strategies and documented a report on health care related issues.

Larry's strength is in working with other individuals to study, research and summarize findings on a variety of issues.  He is an inspirational writer and professional speaker. He works to manage and organize all resources to achieve common goals and objectives. Finally, Larry received certification in advanced speaking excellence and is now prepared to share with you some of his findings over the last fifty years.