Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Mud Slingers

Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair have slung more mud than the Alberta Oil Sands at Justin Trudeau. The problem is it never sticks on Justin Trudeau and to his credit he has mostly stayed out of the mud slinging in this federal election.

Justin Trudeau has shown he is a tough politician who refuses to back down to his older opponents of Stephen Harper and Tom Mulclair.  They thought he would crumble and fade away after the cruel and personal attacks they both threw at him.  The fact is Justin Trudeau shines brighter every day as his older opponents find themselves falling in the polls.

The Russians are Coming

If the Russians want to take on ISIS in support of Syria as they claim, is there a good reason why the US led coalition should not get out of the Middle East?

The Russians have an agreement with Syria, Iraq and Iran to engage in conflict with ISIS.  It seems those countries have already chosen the Russians over the US led coalition.

I say let the Russians have at it and the US led coalition can just pull out and save us all a lot of money.  President Obama says we are losing the war in Syria and Iraq and there are few who disagree except Stephen Harper.  He believes that ISIS will invade Canada if he pulls out all those six CF-18 fighter jets.

Stephen Harper has made the argument repeatedly during this federal election that he is providing safety for Canadians by having a half dozen fighter jets fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  I don't buy that argument and especially since the US led coalition has lost the confidence of Syria, Iraq and Iran to the Russians.

Stephen Harper is misleading Canadians by claiming our involvement there is making any difference. We are only there as a token to satisfy the US and if they pull out you can be sure Harper will do the same.  Then what argument will he be left with?

Monday, September 28, 2015

Harper Conservatives strip Canadian Citizenship

If you are a Canadian citizen with a dual citizenship and convicted of terrorism or some other act of terror you will have your Canadian citizenship revoked and you will be sent back where you came from.

Now that all sounds good on the surface, but consider these facts.  There are 80 Canadians that took their holidays training and fighting with terrorist groups like ISIS and have since returned home.  If the Harper conservatives know this then how were they allowed to leave the country and, more importantly, how were they allowed to return to Canada?  These 80 Canadians that fought with ISIS should be rounded up and thrown in jail for life with no parole.  You can not strip them of their Canadian citizenship unless they acquired a citizenship with Iraq or Syria or some other country while they were off on their fighting holiday with terrorists like ISIS.  So life in prison should be the answer for these 80 Canadians the Harper conservatives claim have been fighting abroad with ISIS.

Further, the Harper conservatives know there at least 130 Canadians currently out of the country fighting with ISIS.  How did this happen?  Will the Harper conservatives succeed in stopping them from returning to Canada?  It would be less expensive than letting them come home.  If they are let back into Canada they should be put in jail for life with no parole.

The Harper conservatives enacted Bill C-24 to deal with terrorism for the protection of Canadians and to allow our authorities to track suspected terrorists here and abroad.  It is apparent the legislation is not meeting it's intended objective.

The Harper conservatives are ill prepared to protect Canadian Embassies around the world since they cut Embassy funds to balance the budget in their effort to win another election.  The Harper conservatives are failing to protect Canadians at home or abroad and Bill C-24 is not the answer.

Now ISIS, according to the Harper conservatives, are apparently threatening to kill Canadians.  They have made that claim before, but the current election brings it back into the news.  Further, it should be expected.  We kill them and they kill us.  That is how war works!  The Harper Government supports the US led mission to fight ISIS in Iraq and Syria.  It is costing Canadian taxpayers hundreds of millions with no evidence of success.  It is a war that will go on for years until we finally give up and come home as we did in Afghanistan.

The Harper conservatives also have Canadian troops in Ukraine and are supporting Ukraine with a variety of initiatives.  Canada is the sixth-largest bilateral donor in Ukraine costing hundreds of millions of more Canadian tax dollars.  Maybe the Russians will be the next to threaten Canadian safety and security.

If the Harper conservatives want to engage Canadians in various wars around the world they should expect more threats on Canadian soil.  It is the nature of war.  The Harper conservatives foreign policy has changed Canada from the Peace Keepers to the Aggressors and that is why they introduced Bill C-24 that threatens our cherished Canadian Citizenship.

Canada may not be safe under any government until we change our foreign policy on how we deal with conflicts around the world.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Stephen Harper denies the Facts

Stephen Harper says the liberals will run deficits to pay for their election promises.  Well, he would know about deficits as he hasn't balanced a budget since he was elected Prime Minister in 2006. These continuous deficits under the Harper conservatives make Stephen Harper the proud owner of 160 billion dollars of new debt he has added to the national debt.  He has run the worst economy in Canada in the last 80 years.  There is no reason in fact or truth to trust him any longer with our nation's economy.  He simply can't be trusted any longer!