Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Russians are Coming

If the Russians want to take on ISIS in support of Syria as they claim, is there a good reason why the US led coalition should not get out of the Middle East?

The Russians have an agreement with Syria, Iraq and Iran to engage in conflict with ISIS.  It seems those countries have already chosen the Russians over the US led coalition.

I say let the Russians have at it and the US led coalition can just pull out and save us all a lot of money.  President Obama says we are losing the war in Syria and Iraq and there are few who disagree except Stephen Harper.  He believes that ISIS will invade Canada if he pulls out all those six CF-18 fighter jets.

Stephen Harper has made the argument repeatedly during this federal election that he is providing safety for Canadians by having a half dozen fighter jets fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.  I don't buy that argument and especially since the US led coalition has lost the confidence of Syria, Iraq and Iran to the Russians.

Stephen Harper is misleading Canadians by claiming our involvement there is making any difference. We are only there as a token to satisfy the US and if they pull out you can be sure Harper will do the same.  Then what argument will he be left with?