Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chaos on Parliament Hill

The current chaos on Parliament Hill is disgusting to all Canadians and all 308 of the Members of Parliament are to blame. Harper brought this situation on all by himself and the opposition plans to attempt some form of coalition government simply defies all the principles of democracy. If the country is forced into another election then it is likely that voters should vote for anyone other than the incumbent. In the long run independents may be the only answer along with some serious parliamentary reform. Western separatism and more problems with Quebec will arise if parliament doesn’t fix this problem soon with out a coalition and without another election.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Saskatchewan NDP Leadership

The US Election winds up tomorrow night and a new President elect will be decided. All indicators point to Barack Obama as the next US President.

We can then turn our attention to the NDP election for a new leader. How much attention that will draw is unknown at this point. Regardless, there are some questions that need answers. Why would Dwaine Lingenfelter, at age 59, want to seek the leadership of the NDP and want to defeat the SaskParty? Saskatchewan voters just elected a new, fresh SaskParty government and a young, vibrant Premier in the name of Brad Wall. The SaskParty is no threat to our beloved Crown Corporations and the Saskatchewan economy is the best in North America do in most part to our strong resource sector. The SaskParty has managed this new wealth efficiently.

A recent brochure from the SaskParty government points to the largest amount of debt and tax reductions in our history. They will add a commitment to invest 2.5 billion over the next two years in infrastructure, which will create jobs and grow our population. Further, they will invest 2 billion in a Growth and Financial Security Fund to protect our health, education and social programs in times of economic uncertainty. Why would we want to risk this success with any remote thoughts about changing the government and going back to the old NDP? Any person attempting to upset our new found wealth and prosperity borders on economic and political terrorism. It would be horrendous and terrifying to turn back to the old NDP and the power trips of a Dwaine Lingenfelter or a Pat Atkinson or anyone else at this time in our history.

Both the NDP and the Liberals need a major overhaul and both need to move to the centre left. Both these parties are in need of a new look with young, new faces and a vision for Saskatchewan that is forward looking, not backward thinking. This is not likely to happen any time soon and nor is the SaskParty likely to fold anytime soon. So far the SaskParty is looking pretty good on most counts.

At age 65 I am not much older than Dwaine Lingenfelter. I have had my day in the political sun and so has Lingenfelter. Now 60 plus is really not that old these days as long as you’re not running to be Premier near the time your Old Age Security kicks in.

Finally, I think Dwaine Lingenfelter and Pat Atkinson are qualified politicians, but with all respect, this is not their time. Their political time has come and gone as has mine. If they are wondering what to do as they near retirement then they should talk to me. I am so busy I am considering getting a job just to get a rest. So tell me, why are they running and what have they to offer that we don’t already have?

US Election 2008

The US Election comes to a close on November 4, 2008. All indicators point to a win for Senator Barack Obama. Look for an early decision with Obama winning over 300 electoral votes where only 270 are required to claim victory and the White House. Obama has led this race in every national poll since September. If he doesn't win then we shouldn't believe polls or the voters for the next hundred years.

I think the polls are close to true and if that is the case then Barack Obama may win closer to 400 electoral votes than the conservative estimate of 300 votes. The mood in the US is for change and the hope over fear strategy, which has been central to the Obama campaign. It is an historic election and the most watched in decades. Voter turnout should be high and it will tilt in favour of Barack Obama.

Either way it will be an exciting night in the United States of America. They will get change one way or the other and hopefully get their government house in order as their economy and their people continue to struggle through tough times. May God Bless America!