Monday, November 03, 2008

US Election 2008

The US Election comes to a close on November 4, 2008. All indicators point to a win for Senator Barack Obama. Look for an early decision with Obama winning over 300 electoral votes where only 270 are required to claim victory and the White House. Obama has led this race in every national poll since September. If he doesn't win then we shouldn't believe polls or the voters for the next hundred years.

I think the polls are close to true and if that is the case then Barack Obama may win closer to 400 electoral votes than the conservative estimate of 300 votes. The mood in the US is for change and the hope over fear strategy, which has been central to the Obama campaign. It is an historic election and the most watched in decades. Voter turnout should be high and it will tilt in favour of Barack Obama.

Either way it will be an exciting night in the United States of America. They will get change one way or the other and hopefully get their government house in order as their economy and their people continue to struggle through tough times. May God Bless America!