Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why PM Stephen Harper?

It is absurd how voters see Stephen Harper as the best person to manage Canada's economy. Before he became Prime Minister he promised he would never table a deficit budget.  The fact is since he became Prime Minister in 2006 he has failed to balance a budget until just now before an election and now we learn that it is unsustainable.  Further, he balanced the budget by selling off GM shares at a loss and by cutting over 80% of the infrastructure budget for Canada.

Further, the voters do not seem to understand the difference between a deficit, which is the Harper Government's annual budget and the national debt, which is the accumulation of debt arising out of consecutive deficits by Stephen Harper.  He is the master at messing with our economy and his record is a matter of fact and is indisputable.  As it regards our economy, Stephen Harper is the worst Prime Minister we have ever had in over 80 years.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

PM Stephen Harper and Vladimir Putin

PM Stephen Harper and Vladimir Putin do not like each other, but they have similar traits.  Both are stubborn and dictatorial.  Both are reluctant to change their views on issues.  Both run their government with an iron fist and neither listens to advise other than their own.  Regardless, of a given situation both hold steadfast to their position without giving an inch.  Both will argue against the facts before them as if the facts never existed.  Seriously, these two leaders are very similar in many aspects of their leadership.  And then they have no respect for each other.  They are like identical twins on the opposite side of the issues.