Thursday, July 16, 2015

PM Stephen Harper and Vladimir Putin

PM Stephen Harper and Vladimir Putin do not like each other, but they have similar traits.  Both are stubborn and dictatorial.  Both are reluctant to change their views on issues.  Both run their government with an iron fist and neither listens to advise other than their own.  Regardless, of a given situation both hold steadfast to their position without giving an inch.  Both will argue against the facts before them as if the facts never existed.  Seriously, these two leaders are very similar in many aspects of their leadership.  And then they have no respect for each other.  They are like identical twins on the opposite side of the issues.

Putin has troops in Ukraine, but argues he doesn't and then says if they are they are only there to defend the rights of Russian nationalists living in Ukraine.  Putin claims he has no interest in invading Ukraine or taking them over through force, but that is what he is doing.  Canada and the US and other countries have imposed economic sanctions that have not worked.  If they did then Putin would get his troops out of Ukraine.  Peaceful and diplomatic resolutions have not worked.  Putin just continues to deny he is doing any thing wrong as he did with Crimea.  It is claimed some Russian soldiers may face trial by Putin for fleeing their unit to avoid being sent to fight in Ukraine.  It is just more evidence the Russians are in Ukraine to break up the country and throw them under Russian rule.

Then there is the matter of rampant corruption in Ukraine.  We can blame the Russians.  Why not, they are the enemy.  It doesn't need to be this way, but it is and not likely to change anytime soon.  Regardless, of the corruption PM Harper is still backing Ukraine all the way short of giving them real support other than new boots and raincoats.  Thank goodness it is not a naval conflict because we don't have a real navy.  We have no real battleships or submarines that have the ability to float or resurface.  We do have fighter jets bombing in Iraq and Syria at a tremendous cost to Canadian taxpayers with no meaningful effect as ISIS continues to expand even beyond Iraq and Syria.  We lost the battle in Afghanistan and now we are losing the battle against ISIS.  We left Afghanistan to defend themselves and we should likely leave the Middle East to fight their own battles.  They have been fighting each other for ever and it will not stop in my lifetime.

If PM Stephen Harper wants to rally for real change in Ukraine then join the US and put troops and military might in the hands of Ukraine.  That will get Putin's attention since all of Harper's sanctions haven't stopped Putin.  And you have to ask why PM Harper has not invited Putin to Canada to address Parliament and explain himself and answer to our parliamentarians.  They could then throw him in front of the Senate and they could give Putin some advise on deception and denial.  I know that was a bad slap on the Senate, but don't they deserve it?

In spite of all the rot in Ukraine PM Harper is still prepared to invest in Ukraine and has just recently entered into a trade arrangement with Ukraine as if they are some break out economy on the verge of greatness.  If Ukraine was on the stock market would you invest in Ukrainian stocks?

Ukraine needs to clean up it's act and rid itself of corruption and the Russians.  We should leave them to deal with the corruption and Canada and the US along with their allies should be left to deal with the Russians.  It is apparent Ukraine is not capable of pushing the Russians out of their country.  Further, if Ukrainians living in Canada want to help then those who can should go back to Ukraine and help however they can.  It would be better than demonstrations to force the Canadian government into more support for Ukraine.  Remember Stephen Harper is like Putin and will only do what is good for Harper at the next election.  Putin and Harper are only doing what works in their respective best interests.

We may as well move our jets and efforts out of Iraq and Syria and into Ukraine.  We can leave the Middle East to the US and their allies.  Some day we should have a discussion about the recent nuclear love in President Barack Obama is having with the Iranians.  Israel is adamantly opposed to the deal and I suspect PM Stephen Harper is too.  Stephen Harper is fast running out of friends and allies, but then so is Vladimir Putin.  Yes those two are very similar in many ways!