Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why PM Stephen Harper?

It is absurd how voters see Stephen Harper as the best person to manage Canada's economy. Before he became Prime Minister he promised he would never table a deficit budget.  The fact is since he became Prime Minister in 2006 he has failed to balance a budget until just now before an election and now we learn that it is unsustainable.  Further, he balanced the budget by selling off GM shares at a loss and by cutting over 80% of the infrastructure budget for Canada.

Further, the voters do not seem to understand the difference between a deficit, which is the Harper Government's annual budget and the national debt, which is the accumulation of debt arising out of consecutive deficits by Stephen Harper.  He is the master at messing with our economy and his record is a matter of fact and is indisputable.  As it regards our economy, Stephen Harper is the worst Prime Minister we have ever had in over 80 years.

By contrast, the liberals prior to Stephen Harper, introduced 11 consecutive annual budget surpluses and paid down the national debt.  No one was worse than Stephen Harper since conservative PM RB Bennett. The economy under Bennett, albeit during the Great Depression, was so bad cars were being pulled by horses.  They were nicknamed Bennett Buggies.

Stephen Harper recently said Canada was an island of economic security.  A week later he recanted and said our economy is being affected from outside our borders.  Now isn't that a brilliant deduction?  Now he is telling voters to just hunker down until the economy gets better.  Is that like maybe it will balance itself.  The fact is the Harper Government and fiscal responsibility have absolutely nothing in common.

The fact is the Harper Government has never had a sound economic plan for Canada and Stephen Harper is still searching in every pocket to find one as he nears ever closer to an election.  Canada is technically in a recession.  Who should we blame for that?  Certainly not the liberals or NDP, but for certain it would be Stephen Harper.  It is pure humour watching Stephen Harper attempting to campaign on his economic record.  Then he attempts to criticize the liberals and the NDP on their economic record.  Well, hello, they have not been in government since 2006.  It has been Stephen Harper and it is all on him and no one else.

So voters should read the newspapers, listen to the radio or watch the news and pay attention. Stephen Harper is your worst option if you are concerned about Canada's economic stability.  I didn't write the book on Harper's dismal economic performance.  I just read it and you should too!

So why PM Stephen Harper?