Tuesday, October 06, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

How many voters will understand the implications of The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) before the next election?  Not many and for those whom do only the NDP support will be hurt as Tom Mulcair has come out fully against the trade deal.

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has correctly stated he supports the TPP.  His concerns are that the deal has been finalized in the middle of an election campaign with no transparency for the voters. Further, if elected Prime Minister he will rightfully examine the TPP in detail and move forward from there.

The TPP will only hurt the NDP and it will do little to improve Stephen Harper's support as the conservative vote has peaked and has been stalled around 30% for most of the election.

The media and others will claim Justin Trudeau is undecided over the TPP.  That is not true as he only feels he needs to examine the details of the TPP on behalf of all Canadians before he approves the TPP.  That is a responsible position for any responsible leader like Justin Trudeau.