Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Regina South Campaign

Yens Pedersen is a quality candidate for the NDP in Regina South. Regardless of how you may have voted in the past or of your political ideology Yens Pedersen is deserving of your vote. He is a fresh young face and a man who is prepared to hear and act on your particular point of view. Yens Pedersen is motivated by his constituents and less by the beliefs of his party or leader. He is a candidate with leadership qualities and a positive view to change for the future. He is not bogged down with the rhetoric of old party policies and more likely to act on modern day concerns faced by his constituents.

Bill Hutchinson is the incumbent MLA for Regina South. I met him once in my life and that was at my initiative a long time ago. Since his election, he never called me or came to visit. Hutchinson is a typical career politician. What else has he done?

By contrast, Yens Pedersen took the time to sit down in my backyard and visit with my family knowing I have been a conservative all my life. He knows I should naturally vote for the SaskParty, but still remained respectful and heard my views.  Further, he returns my phone calls.

I do not hold a membership in any party and I have not financially supported any party federally or provincially for many years. I vote for candidates whom are quality candidates and the best candidate running in my constituency. In Regina South, that would be Yens Pedersen.