Saturday, July 30, 2016

Eugenie Bouchard ousted at Rogers Cup | Toronto Star

Eugenie Bouchard ousted at Rogers Cup | Toronto Star:

Eugenie Bouchard embarrassed herself, her fans and her country when she drew two code violations in her most recent loss.  She was playing in her home town and country when she smashed her racquet during the match because things were not going her way.  She will likely get a small fine for this outburst in front of her beloved fans.  Her lame excuse for losing is that she cannot stand the pressure her loyal supporters place on her.  In my view, she is a national disgrace and a disgrace to the sport of professional tennis that has made her rich.

Professional tennis deserves better than Eugenie Bouchard.  She is young, good looking, rich and once had a promising future.  It is apparent she cannot handle any of these attributes.  At this point the only thing Eugenie Bouchard has succeeded in is drawing bad press.

After all this she will soon be off to represent Canada in tennis at the Olympics in Rio.  I can only hope she will represent Canada better in Rio than she did in Canada at the Rogers Cup.