Monday, April 20, 2015

2015 Federal Budget

Here is what you can expect.  A balanced budget.  PM Harper's first ever after promising to never run a deficit budget.  This balanced budget will be his last.

There will be more money for war, security and policing as Harper continues to run his pre-election campaign of fear and terror via the budget using tax dollars.

Funds in the budget will be spread out over years or decades and some of the budget pledges may require you to re-elect the Harper conservatives.  It will be something like all the millions of tax-payers dollars the Harper Government has wasted on unnecessary government ads since Stephen Harper gained a majority government.

Then there will be the costly and useless income-splitting promised by Harper that will benefit 15% of the Canadian population (all rich) paid for by the remaining 85% of Canadian taxpayers.  This is conservative economics 101.

There will be promises to treat our veterans better and a mention about families and how the conservatives are on their side with little funding to support the claim.

This budget will be in the news for a long time!