Friday, January 03, 2014

CTV Pampers Ontario

The following is an email I sent to CTV today.

"When are you going to get over pampering central Canada in your news reports regarding the weather?  You carry on as if it is cold there when it is balmy compared to Saskatchewan or Alberta.  Saskatchewan has had more cold weather this year than Ontario.  If Ontario had our cold temperatures then you would have something to report.  You seem to think that it is cold at –20 in Ontario, but you never mention Saskatchewan when it is –30 to –40.  What is with that?  In addition, just a reminder unless you have forgot, Saskatchewan is in western Canada just west of Manitoba.  Moreover, for your information we had a storm roar through here today, so put that on the weather news.  I will watch the news tonight to see if you are still pampering Ontario.

Question: What do some Ontario residents and BMW’s have in common?

Answer: Food stamps."