Saturday, February 15, 2014

Smokers pay for New Spending

Apparently, we can thank smokers for the new spending announced in the Harper Government's recent budget.  The new spending amounts to $700 million.  The Harper Government will rake in $700 million, in new revenue, from their increase on tobacco products.

The Harper Government holds the record for the largest debt in Canadian history and Harper is now asking the middle class and smokers to help him bail out of the debt he created.  The divide between the rich and the poor has only widened under the Harper Government.

The Harper government has no idea how to balance a budget and if they do, it will be in 2015 before the next federal election.  If Canadian voters give Stephen Harper another four years at the next election, expect more deficit budgets and an ever-increasing Canadian debt.

Stephen Harper is singing, "Please Release Me."  In the interests of Canada Harper must be released and allowed to pursue his real talent of playing the piano.