Friday, March 21, 2014

Hurting Russia over the Ukraine issue - Not

Check this link and then ask what has Canada really done to hurt Russia over the Ukraine issue.  You can also ask Brad Wall if we stop drinking Vodka will Russia be brought to their knees.  Not likely!  If Russia produced 90% of Canada's tobacco products would Canadians stop smoking.

Canadian / Russian Trade and Business Relations

The Harper Government could stop doing business with Russia, but that would harm Canada and Canadian business interests.  So the ineffective measures taken by the Harper Government to date are primarily to secure votes at the next election.  All the Harper Government has done is invoke travel bans and economic sanctions on some Russian and Ukrainian officials.

If you really want to hurt Russia over the Ukraine issue then stop doing business with them. That is not likely to happen as it runs against the Harper Government's Foreign Policy.

The Ukraine is near bankruptcy and the larger question may be how many Canadian tax dollars will the Harper Government send to the Ukraine.  It will be a risky investment at best as many of those dollars may end up in Russia.  Becoming involved in the conflicts of other nations is always a costly and complicated affair.  Afghanistan being the latest.  We just got out of there and now two Canadians have been killed in a shooting by four gunmen in a Kabul hotel on Friday leaving Canadians to ponder just how secure we left Afghanistan with the departure of our military.

Where nations are at, or near, war then any involvement by Canada must be made by the Parliament of Canada and not just the Prime Minister.  When the Prime Minister sent a delegation to the Ukraine he excluded the opposition parties.  That was wrong!

To put all this in another context what would Prime Minister Harper do if France sent officials to Quebec to help them get out of Canada and while here threatened military intervention to protect French speaking Canadians?