Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jim Flaherty

It is a sad day for Canadians as they learn former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty passed away. The Harper Government promised that the Minister of Finance had a balanced budget for Canadians in 2015. Sadly, Jim Flaherty passed away too early at the age of 64, having just resigned as Finance Minister only a few weeks ago.  He is now denied the opportunity to see the Harper Government deliver on their promise to bring in a balanced budget in 2015.

Jim Flaherty was the only finance minister to serve under Prime Minister Stephen Harper since 2006. It is hoped that the Harper Government, no matter how they juggle the books, will deliver on their promise of a balanced budget in 2015 and dedicate it in memory of former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.

On a more personal note it is a tragic loss to Mr. Flaherty's family.  They will miss having him around for close family times in his retirement from the hectic life of politics.

It is hoped that Jim Flaherty will be remembered as a dedicated politician who served the public with passion and respect.  His role as Minister of Finance under Prime Minister Stephen Harper must have been difficult, but he prevailed right up to the end.  He is to be respected for his dedication and commitment.

May God Bless and comfort his family during this sad time in the passing of a husband and father.