Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Conflict in Ukraine

I have no less than 40 emails from the Office of the Prime Minister addressing the matter of the conflict in the Ukraine by apparent Russian backed rebels.  The Prime Minister and Minister John Baird are the primary spokespersons on behalf of Canada.  It began with Crimea and has escalated to the horrific downing of a commercial aircraft.

Over the last 5 months our government has only announced another round of expanded sanctions and sent some fighter jets to the region in anticipation of a supposed expansion of the conflict to those countries surrounding and near Ukraine.  What evidence is there the sanctions are having any effect and what measurable effect have out fighter jets had in the region?

Canada sent 6 jets around the middle of April and Canada has sent about 75 military personnel to join an international alliance.  Our military will join the American core of support.  I don’t know who will command our jets.

My point is that the Office of the Prime Minister on behalf of Canada has achieved little to resolve the issue in Ukraine, but it sounds good for Ukrainians around the world and we are cooperating with the similarly weak efforts of our international allies.

Putin needs a good slap by completely isolating him from the rest of the world until the people of Russia realize his personal power trip is at the complete expense of all the people of the Russian Federation.