Thursday, November 20, 2014


Signal lights have no meaning in Regina.  If you want to make a lane change then just go for it because if you signal drivers just speed up so you can't make the lane change.  On the other hand when you are in a merge lane speeding up to merge into a right lane on the highway drivers in the right lane will not move over, slow down, speed up, or move to the left lane to allow you to merge into the right lane.

Then drivers will sit at an intersection waiting to make a right turn apparently unaware that they can turn safely into the merge lane and then move into any other lane once they are up to speed.  Have they no idea how to use the merge lane?

It is time for the police to start handing out tickets for bad driving and not just speeding tickets and stupid U turns at controlled intersections.

Driving in Regina is an adventure.  No wonder there are so many accidents?