Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

This election began with talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing wherein the NDP were referring to Brad Wall and the SaskParty. To this point in the election the NDP have failed to convince voters that there is any truth in this allegation. They have now decided to turn their attack on Grant Devine to see if maybe he is the wolf that Brad Wall will turn out to be when he is elected Premier come election day. The NDP have trivialized this election with all this nonsense about some damn wolf.

Here is the reality. The NDP are the black sheep, there is no wolf, except in the cavernous minds of a few ill advised NDP strategists, and the sheep will be lost in the dark as the SaskParty prepares to bring light and a new day to the province of Saskatchewan.

My point is clear, the NDP have run a poor campaign and they are soon about to pay the price come election day. Count on a SaskParty victory who will be challenged with governing our province in a wolf less manner.