Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Election Day

Well, the big day has finally arrived. It is Election Day. It is time for the voters to pass judgement on who they believe should form the next government. Everything is pointing to a huge SaskParty victory. Brad Wall will be the next Premier of Saskatchewan and his boyhood dream will have been realized.

The SaskParty has run a better campaign. They have been picking up support each week as the campaign has progressed. It has been a hard one to predict other than the final outcome. I had thought initially that the race would be close, but I revised my numbers to give the SaskParty 37 seats and the NDP 21. That was only a few days ago and now it seems that there is a real possibility that the SaskParty will win by an even greater margin. There are going to be some surprises in this election so hang on and enjoy the ride and don't forget to vote.

Tomorrow all attention will point to whom will be in Cabinet and whom will get what appointments. This is where it will get really interesting. The voters will also be watching very carefully to see if the SaskParty can deliver on all it has promised. If they do, then watch very carefully to see where all the money will come from. We know it will be from you and I, but which pocket will they have their hands in and will they spend our money wisely?

I suggest we give the new SaskParty government the benefit of the doubt and not be too hard on them in the first year. I also predict that the SaskParty will win the next two elections as well and if they are smart we should expect a SaskParty dynasty. The NDP should prepare to be out of power for a long time. The liberal party may even become the official opposition after the next election and displace the NDP for the next two decades.

Have a good election. Again, be sure you get out and vote and Have a Great Day.