Thursday, November 01, 2007

Leader's Debate

The leader's debate Tuesday night on CBC served no useful purpose other than to make politicians look as bad as the voters have already concluded. The CBC had a terrible format for the debate and I am surprised that the leaders even agreed to debate in such a poorly crafted format.

Regardless, I listened carefully through all the mixed chatter among the three leaders and gave the respective leaders a point each time their jabs connected with their opponents. I rated it similarly to the way boxing officials score a boxing match. This system ranked David Karwacki first, Lorne Calvert second and Brad Wall third. Brad Wall came to this match all dressed up in a pin stripped suit trying to look like the next Premier of Saskatchewan. On this count he will be the next Premier, but he had poor advice on how to dress for a televised leader's debate.

Lorne Calvert was his usual self, smiling, repetitive and boring. Brad Wall both failed to answer important questions and to make himself heard when he was attempting to answer a question. Brad Wall was also visibly surprised that David Karwacki would be so aggressive. Karwacki squarely directed his attack on Wall as the Premier in waiting and the person whom Karwacki and the liberals intend to hold accountable.

So what is the result of this debate? Lorne Calvert and Brad Wall were not measurably hurt by the debate and David Karwacki proved he would make the best Premier. Karwacki may have paved the way for a few undecided voters to park their votes with the liberal party. In short, the debate will not likely change the election outcome. Look for a 33/25 split of the 58 seats up for grabs with the SaskParty forming government and the liberals again being shut out completely.

This will be too bad for the liberals and the voters because David Karwacki and two or three other good liberal candidates would serve as a strong voice for the people in the opposition benches of the legislature. They would also serve to displace, over time, the NDP from the legislature completely. We would then be left with the best possible scenario, a moderate SaskParty government and a moderate liberal opposition. They could both hug the hell out of the middle and take turns governing. That may be the best hope for the voters. Count me in. I could live with that.