Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Environment - PM Stephen Harper

The focus on the whole global warming issue has now been correctly directed toward climate change.  The world has always experienced climate change and the world needs to clearly determine what part of that climate change is conclusively attributable to the activities of humankind on the planet earth.  Once that is determined then the world, not just Canada, should begin to take measurable and effective steps toward contributing to a cleaner environment.

Prime Minister, Stephen Harper is correct to position Canada so that we are equally sharing with all other nations a responsible plan toward a cleaner environment.  Harper is correct to include both rich and poor nations in a formulated plan that has each nation doing their part on an equal basis.

The Kyoto Protocol on the environment is simply not realistic.  We didn’t come to this situation regarding our environment overnight and nor should we be expected to drastically reduce our lifestyle in order to resolve the issue overnight.  Any environmental plan must be a formulated long-term plan that has every nation reducing emissions.  There is no reason for Canada to take a lead role on this issue anymore than they should be the slackers on the issue.  Setting targets is unrealistic.  It is kind of like teenagers declaring that they are going to be millionaires by the age of thirty.  I wish that were possible, but generally life just doesn’t work that way.

The general public is supportive of Canada taking steps toward a cleaner environment, but the liberals will fail if they stake an election on climate change.  If the liberals make this mistake you can count on Harper telling you, in detail, what you will have to give up if the Government of Canada is to achieve even modest measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and other factors that are harming our environment.  In short, what are Canadians really prepared to give up in the interests of a better environment while other nations may not be required to give up anything?