Sunday, November 25, 2007

Grey Cup Champions

Well, the big game is finally over. The Saskatchewan Roughriders are officially the Grey Cup Champions for 2007. Congratulations to the team, the coaches and all their staff and of course the greatest fans in Canada for making all this possible. It is a great experience for all ages. I also congratulate the Winnipeg Blue Bombers for how well they played.

Wow, what a victory. It wasn’t the kind of game most of the Rider fans expected. It was just too close for comfort, but a win is a win and the Roughriders never gave up. They never gave up on their dream and we never gave up on them.

Only the Roughriders can unite this province. My wife and I went out on Albert Street again for the second time as we did when we won over the BC Lions. Albert Street traffic was backed up from one end to the other. It was great.

God has blessed this province with some wonderful people and has also blessed us with a wonderful football team. The Roughrider players were blessed with talent, coaching, staff and fans and, most important, the ability to play as a team. Many of the Roughrider players publicly passed the Glory to God for their success and for me that is just great to see in any team.

We all look forward to their safe return to Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan homecoming and celebration that is yet to come. Great victory. What a day!