Thursday, November 08, 2007

Election Results

Well, the election is over and the results are in and so is a new SaskParty government. I extend my personal congratulations to Premier elect Brad Wall and the SaskParty. I extend my congratulations to everyone who was a candidate in this election. It is a business of rejection and losing is always hard to take, but at least these women and men had the courage to run for office. I know it is little consolation, but in elections there are always more losers than winners. Lorne Calvert was gracious in defeat and will be remembered for what he said to his supporters when it was finally known that he had lost power to the SaskParty.

The real challenge and the work ahead is now in the hands of all those whom were elected. Brad Wall is to be especially congratulated for his victory speech. He sent a clear message to the province and to Canada that there is a new day of hope dawning for Saskatchewan and that hope in Saskatchewan has been victorious over fear. I believe Brad Wall will serve this province well as our Premier and I wish him every success. He has many promises to keep and a vision for our province that he must now turn into reality. Failure to do so will cost him this hard earned victory if he fails to deliver.

In summation, there were many good women and men elected and more whom were defeated. As voters we should look ahead with hope that this new generation of politicians will serve our province and us well over the next four years. I will error on the side of hope and trust that this new government will succeed for many years to come. It was a great election and there should be no question now that our Riders will go on to win the Grey Cup. Remember, hope beats fear!