Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Elections Canada / Harper Conservatives

The Harper conservatives are in a nasty fight with Elections Canada. It is an issue that is simply not going away. Elections Canada is an independent agency. Stephen Harper needs to put this puppy to bed as soon as possible because it is beginning to make people question the transparency of his party and his government.

Recent polling indicates that nearly sixty percent of those polled believe the conservatives’ credibility has been damaged over their dispute with Elections Canada. The poll also revealed that Canadians do not view Harper as being as trustworthy and honest as St├ęphane Dion. Even in conservative strong Alberta conservative credibility is believed to have eroded over their scrap with Elections Canada.

This seems to be one issue where the controlling Stephen Harper is out of control. I believe Canadians expect this political, and often times petty, dispute should be settled as soon as possible so their government can get on with governing.

The conservatives want an election even though it flies in the face of their own mandated four-year election cycle. The media understandably want an election for the simple reason that it is news. The liberals should avoid an early election because at this time there is nothing to gain. The Harper conservatives are slipping on their own banana peels every week. The liberals should wait until they actually fall down. Governments eventually defeat themselves. The Bloc, the NDP and the Green Party all want an election, but who cares. They are in a fight for last place. Canadians definitely don’t want a spring election. They want to see the sun and warm weather after a long winter, not the dark cloud of a spring election that will serve no good purpose at this time.

A fall election seems more likely!