Monday, May 05, 2008

Roller Coaster and Speedway

The City of Toronto apparently has the tallest roller coaster in the country. Not to be out done Regina has the widest. It is the streets of Regina and it is the ride of a lifetime. It explains why so many people drive trucks and large cars. How else can you survive the ride? If you are in for a greater thrill then try using your bicycle or motorcycle. This gives you a real feel for the road. Forget BMW’s, as they can’t begin to compare. No kidding, it is hemorrhoid city. The best thrills are in some of the residential areas where patching on this urban roller coaster add to the thrill. For the faint of heart drive a truck or Lexus. They smooth out the ride so you can toss the throw up bag, but if you’re a hard ass and a brave heart then drive a small car or motorcycle.

There are other thrills in Regina that are never promoted. Many would like to take in the Indianapolis 500 or some other high-speed motor vehicle sport. If you want to avoid the spectator crowds, hotel bills and the high cost of travel then just take a drive on the ring road or the lewvan. They have both been designed with lots of heaves and sways, along with specially designed ridges to give you the feeling your steering may have just let go or that a wheel is about to fall off. You will experience the thrill of speed and fast lane changing with no signal lights just like a professional speedway. There is reckless, death-defying merging and lane changing with no regard for who may be in the lane you are headed for along this little known speedway. If you need an adrenalin fix you will get it right here in about fifteen minutes. If you need to calm down after you get off this speedway then stop by Tim Horton’s and order your favourite brew. Why else are the lineups so long? Some seasoned drivers will sit in their vehicle for nearly half an hour for this race ending experience and one large coffee.

This is true excitement. Amateur drivers are giving it their best shot every day and not just on weekends like a professional speedway. Further, consider this! There are trucks of all descriptions, cars, motorcycles and bicycles with the odd pedestrian thrown in for good measure. It is high drama and the early morning and late afternoon will give you the best thrill as speed crazed amateur drivers give it their best to cross the finish line that never ends so they can get to work or home for supper without making the headlines on the local news. That is how you finish this race successfully. There are no winners or losers. You just get pumped. So the longer you drive the more pumped you get. What a challenge and it only costs you the price of the fuel you burn to enter all this excitement. It doesn’t get any better. It’s as good as it gets.

Toronto has nothing on the City of Regina. We have a bigger roller coaster and a speedway they can’t match. Are we damn good or what?