Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Regina Gay & Lesbian Community

The Regina Gay & Lesbian community today held a well-planned and civil demonstration in front of the constituency office of Tom Lukiwski, MP. There were many speakers and they conducted themselves very well and made many excellent points.

Tom Lukiwski was not there and his office staff refused to address the rally. The Member of Parliament, Tom Lukiwski should have been there or had his staff read a prepared message on his behalf. This was not the case and I suspect it was because the Prime Minister has placed a gag order on Lukiwski and his staff in the same way he did with Larry Spencer and his staff. It is interesting to note that no demonstration was ever held in front of Larry Spencer's office by anyone, at any time, on any issue. Spencer was never afforded the opportunity to apologize in the House of Commons and was unceremoniously booted out of the party.

The Gay and Lesbian community commented that Lukiwski's offending remarks were far worse than anything said by Larry Spencer. For this reason they are questioning why Harper is not prepared to take some form of disciplinary measure regarding Lukiwski. They feel this would send a clear message that the Prime Minister or any member of his government will not tolerate stupid, thoughtless and insensitive comments like those made by Tom Lukiwski. On this basis they are now calling for the defeat of the conservative government at the next election.

At the very least, Tom Lukiwski has lost a few votes over this issue and his re-election may be in question. Regardless, that will be a decision of all the voters in Regina-Lumsden-Lake Centre at the next federal election.