Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Senate & Afghanistan

How has the Senate contributed to Canada’s involvement in the Afghanistan conflict? I am not sure, but I understand the Senate has cost Canadian taxpayers around $3 million since 2001 with various trips to Afghanistan and Canadian and US cities, along with other trips to Europe. These trips were apparently fact-finding tours. Now if they were to inform Canadians I may attach some value to the tours since the Harper conservative government is keeping Canadians in the dark on some aspects of Canada’s role in Afghanistan.

Senate members have had a couple of visits with the Canadian troops in Kandahar, but I don’t know how necessary that was to the conflict. It seems hard to understand how the Senate or any politician is of any significance to the conflict. Now if they spent a week there helping out in some meaningful way I may be convinced that the Senate’s cost to Canadian taxpayers is worth the $3 million.