Tuesday, April 01, 2008

2008 Ford Women's World Curling Championship

Congratulations to Jennifer Jones and her team who were representing Canada at the 2008 Ford Women’s World Curling Championship in Vernon, BC. They won a hard fought battle with the ever-tough team from China.

It was a hard week for Jones and her team as they struggled at times against other teams in a World Championship that was arguably one of the best ever. The Jennifer Jones team had a lot of pressure on them from the opening draw playing in front of a home crowd where making every shot and winning every game would naturally have been their goal. This was not to be the case, but nor was it the case for the tenacious Canadians to cave to the pressure. They never gave up, they kept fighting to the very end and victory was their prize.

This is a great sport success story for this wonderful Canadian team, but it speaks volumes to the character of this Jones team and to the character of who we are as a nation. We never gave up in the 72 Hockey Summit and we never gave up in the 2008 Ford Women’s World Curling Championship. Thank you to Jennifer Jones and her team for reminding us what it is to be Canadian.

When the National Anthem was played and the Canadian flag was raised to honour the victorious Canadian team the tears began to flow as they realized the victory was not only for them. It was for all Canadians. There are not words to express my appreciation to Jennifer Jones and her team for how they played. I can only say thank you. I am a proud Canadian and you have made me more proud. Good luck next year!