Monday, October 15, 2007

Too Much Control

As a long time conservative, I have to ask when too much control is too much control? In the case of Prime Minister Stephen Harper I think I have found the answer. He was controlling before he became Prime Minister, but as Prime Minister, Harper’s obsession with control is out of control.

From Afghanistan, to the House of Commons, to the party, and now to the national media we have witnessed Stephen Harper’s style of control, control, and control. The recent news that Harper is planning a new government run national media centre at taxpayers expense should be of concern to all Canadians. The national media will have their freedom of speech significantly curtailed as some may be restricted regarding access to the proposed new $2 million dollar facility, who gets to ask questions and what they will be allowed to report either through television, radio or print.

What’s next? Maybe the new Harper government will build its own television, radio or newspaper network. The national media should consider boycotting anything the Prime Minister or the government has to say and let Harper live with that for a while.
Stephen Harper is a ruthless and controlling Prime Minister. This is a matter of fact as defined by Harper’s own actions. Harper has the right to prepare his government’s message, but controlling every aspect of what parts of that message are conveyed to Canadians and the manner in which it is conveyed is a dangerous precedent and threatens freedom of speech. When should I become fearful of my own government?