Wednesday, October 24, 2007

SaskParty On Road to Victory

Here is what we know about the election to this point in the campaign. The SaskParty will form the next government. What we don't know is by how many seats.

We know the campaign is boring and has been reduced to a blizzard of promises that has the potential to run up the province's debt if our resource sector should falter. Of course, that can be avoided if many of the promises made by the SaskParty are broken. They may be left with no choice or they will have proven once and for all that conservatives cannot manage the fiscal affairs of the province if we consider the performance of the Devine conservatives. A government can deliver, but if revenues are not there then you must run up the debt or fail to deliver on your promises. I don't think the Wall conservatives will want to make that mistake twice.

The other thing we know about this election is that the NDP are in free fall. Their campaign is not going well and the SaskParty has not yet tripped over itself on the road to victory.

That brings us to the liberals. Karwacki is light years ahead of his last campaign and is looking stronger as the campaign progresses. If the NDP vote should completely bottom out in this rocky campaign of expensive promises and Karwacki liberals continue to move forward then election night may provide some surprising results. It is kind of like predicting the weather. The perfect storm in this election campaign could happen and produce some surprising results. If it happens, you can expect to see liberals in the legislature and the NDP beaten easily by the SaskParty.

The last thing I know for sure is that Karwacki was well advised to make it clear that the SaskParty is on their way to victory. Many voters are now left free to vote for the best candidate in their constituency and in many cases that is a liberal.