Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Democratic Dictatorship

I can hardly believe what I am hearing coming from the free enterprise conservative government of Stephen Harper. Further, make no mistake it is Harper’s government as he controls every aspect of what happens in government. It is a democratic dictatorship that has rendered Parliament, Members of Parliament and government department heads useless.

The finance Minister is now calling on retailers to lower prices due the rise of the Canadian dollar against the American green back. Where was the Finance Minister when oil companies raised the price of fuel beyond what was fair in relation to the world price of oil? How often did you hear him call on the oil companies to sell gas for less?

The Harper conservatives, it would seem, have become liberals. I would suggest the government keep its nose out of business. Individual consumers are best positioned to manage the retail matters of the nation. There are numerous ways a government can help consumers deal with rising costs, but meddling with free enterprise is not one of them. It is interesting to note how this government supports free enterprise for farmers selling their own grain, but not for retailers to set their own prices.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper should get back to his free enterprise conservative roots. That is where he came from and that is where he belongs.