Monday, October 29, 2007

Historic Election

With about a week to go before the voters cast their votes there is only one major event that may change where the voters will park their votes on Election Day. That event is the Leaders Debate on October 30, 2007. The SaskParty has little to lose as they have a lock on this election. The NDP has even less to lose, as they should now be preparing to serve in opposition. The liberals, on the other hand, have everything to gain and a lot to lose.

If David Karwacki can score better than his opponents then look for two or three liberals to get elected. Maybe even more if the stars are perfectly aligned. Karwacki is capable and he will be given a big hole up the middle to run and make his case as the SaskParty and the NDP will be focusing all their arguments against each other in a bitter argument. I don’t think the SaskParty nor the NDP will be prepared for Karwacki if he comes to the debate with a carefully planned strategy.

The final outcome in this election may hold an historic potential. If the liberals can elect a handful of members then we may be in store for a SaskParty dynasty with the liberals eventually displacing the NDP completely. This would be good for the province to have a SaskParty government held accountable by a moderate left liberal party and the NDP gone for a long time. This scenario would position Saskatchewan to finally realize its great potential as an economic power and unprecedented population increases over the next few years. Turning the governance of this province over to Brad Wall and David Karwacki whom are both young, bright and capable leaders of their respective parties is precisely what this province needs to move forward to the benefit of all Saskatchewan residents.

Regardless, the voters are always right and we will soon see what future they will vote for themselves. Make sure you don’t miss out on this important election. Get out and vote and make sure you have your say on Saskatchewan’s future.