Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bidding War

The provincial election has turned into a good old auction sale. The NDP and the SaskParty are using our credit cards to spend millions on campaign promises. At last count the SaskParty had promised to spend more of our tax dollars than the NDP.

The SaskParty has a plan for everything. They will do all of the following and we are only into the second week of the campaign:

$ Rebuild our communities
$ Reduce the burden of property taxes
$ Encourage tourism, heritage preservation, arts, culture and recreation
$ Invest our tax dollars wisely
$ Balance the budget, pay down the provincial debt and deliver important public services for each of us and our families
$ Pave our roads
$ Pay a fair share to educate our young people
$ Provide urban and rural ratepayers with education property tax relief
$ Provide long term help to school boards by increasing education funding
$ They will make us the green capital of North America using a host of alternate energy sources
$ They will create an energy Centre of Excellence
$ They will develop a plan for training, recruiting and retaining nurses
$ Keep our youth and grow our province
$ Provide quality health care. Goodbye waiting lists
$ Educate all from K-12 to Post-secondary to a new and inspired level of competence
$ Put the brakes on crime, youth gang violence and internet crimes
$ Provide a level of security for all residents day or night and improve the resources our police services require to keep us safe
$ They will provide new exciting goals for each of us and our province
$ They will provide the new direction you and I require to reach these exciting goals
$ Finally, at least to this point, they will not touch our Crown Corporations. More important, they will develop and build on the Crowns to give them a more focused role in our lives.

The NDP has nearly matched this impressive list of promises the SaskParty is offering Saskatchewan voters, but they will never out bid the SaskParty. Going once, going twice, gone. What’s not to vote for? The SaskParty will form the next government. Brad Wall will be your new Premier. Prepare to receive your credit card statement. No problem, you only have to pay the minimum required, but interest charges will be applied to your next bill. Congratulations voters you have just been bought with your own money.

Finally, here is a brief comment on the David Karwacki liberals. They may have missed the auction sale, but they would be great in opposition to make sure we get what we paid for and expect to receive.