Thursday, August 27, 2015

Trudeau Attacks and Harper Defends

The worst thing a political party can do in an election is to be left spending their campaign time on the defensive.  He has been defending on the Duffy trial and what he knew or didn't know.  If he knew nothing, as he claims, and all the King's Men knew everything then where does that leave Stephen Harper as a leader in the PMO's Office?

The whole stinky mess surrounding Duffy went on for days and all the PMO's staff were involved claiming they don't read all their emails.  With all this rumble out of the PMO's Office going on Stephen Harper claims he knew nothing.  No one believes Harper because no PM in the history of Canada has been more controlling.

In fact, if he had only stuck to appointing Senators he would not be in any trouble, but he chose to control them as well and now he has spent most of his campaign to date on the defensive saying he knew nothing.  Well, I believe Canadian voters expect their Prime Minister to know more than nothing on such important matters.

Justin Trudeau is now out there announcing policies and Stephen Harper is again on the defensive chasing Justin Trudeau who appears to more than ready and more than Harper can handle.  The most we can expect out of Harper are more mean-spirited attack ads, which perfectly reflect the character of Stephen Harper.  Mean, divisive and obsessed with power and control.  It is time the voters defeated him so he can go and contemplate how he has betrayed Canadian voters.