Monday, August 24, 2015

Stephen Harper Misleading Voters

Stephen Harper is misleading voters when he claims he is the best person to guide the Canadian economy going forward.  Today he claimed his government is a government of balanced budgets. We all know better as he has never balanced a budget since he became Prime Minister.  He inherited a surplus from the liberal government and then went on to run up a 158 billion dollar national debt. Conservative governments have always had a history of failing to be prudent with taxpayer's dollars.

We are in our second recession under Harper's poor management of our economy.  We are approaching near 200 thousand fewer jobs now than when Stephen Harper became Prime Minister. Job quality is at a 25 year year low and household debt is near a record high.

Stephen Harper brags about all the trade deals he has been making with countries around the world. The fact is Canada this year has topped a 13 billion dollar trade deficit.  Stephen Harper's economic record is the worst of any Prime Minister in Canada's history except R.B Bennett in the 1930's.

Stephen Harper's economic record is the worst economic record in 80 years.  Just today Stephen Harper was again misleading voters on the matter of the economy by suggesting he is the best person to guide Canada going forward.  We have trusted Stephen Harper since 2006 and he has betrayed the voters of Canada on the economy and damn near everything else.  Stephen Harper is just not ready to run this countries economy any longer.

In the last week the global economy has faltered out of fears that China's economy is faltering.  Now Stephen Harper is attempting to blame Canada's poor economy on global markets.  Again he is misleading the voters.  He messed up Canada's economy from the very beginning without any problems in the global economy.

Here is the amusing part.  Stephen Harper and the media are asking where Justin Trudeau and Tomas Mulcair will get the money to pay for their promises.  The media don't bother to ask Harper because everyone knows he will just run up the national debt to pay for more conservative election promises if they should form government again.  Heaven forbid!

The liberals have a record of balanced budgets while they were in power.  Eleven in a row and Stephen Harper cannot manage one.  If voters are concerned about the economy then vote liberal because Justin Trudeau is ready and he has a team of experienced MP's to support him.  If you love socialism at it's finest then vote for Tomas Mulcair and keep in mind he is about the only one with any real experience as an MP.  The rest of his team will be all giddy searching for maps to the washrooms and the MP's dining lounge if they form government.

Voting for Stephen Harper will be a sad choice that will send this country into another round of deficit budgets and a national debt that will set new records as a legacy to our youth.  Voting for Tomas Mulcair will send this country into the greatest socialist experiment in the history of Canada.

In my view voters only have one choice and that is the Justin Trudeau liberals whom are ready to stand and deliver.  They are best positioned to serve the voters of Canada and free Canada from the misery of Stephen Harper.  The liberals are the best balance of public and private policies to allow all Canadians an opportunity to succeed and prosper within a transparent and honest government.