Monday, August 10, 2015

Desperate Stephen Harper

Stephen Harper must be desperate with his latest announcements about Canadian security.  He has decided to ban Canadians from going to Iraq and Syria or any other countries he decides are harbouring terrorists.  He claims he will prosecute any Canadian to the full extent of the law who may travel to these countries if they do not have the proper credentials.  If this is such a great idea why did he wait for an election to make this decision?

Now he is telling Canadians that terrorists post horrible videos of their ruthless executions that is aired here in Canada by the mainstream media.  Harper condemns the terrorists for such barbaric actions and then he uses their videos for a conservative attack ad for his own political gain.  And then the questions arises as to whether the conservatives are contravening their own security legislation? Further, the conservative attack ad on Justin Trudeau does more harm than good as it really only spreads terrorist propaganda like ISIS.

Today, Harper is back at it again trying to scare Canadian voters regarding the threat terrorists pose to Canada.  Stephen Harper is using the threat of terrorism to get himself re-elected.  This is just another example of how low Harper will stoop to get re-elected.

The fact is it will not matter whom is Prime Minister after the next election regarding terrorism. When has any Prime Minister not stepped up during any threat towards Canadian citizens.  Canada has been in many conflicts around the world like World War One, World War Two, the Korean conflict and many others.  Canada stood tall during these conflicts without the likes of Stephen Harper and Canada will stand tall going forward with or without Stephen Harper.

It is shameless and despicable for Stephen Harper to inject needless fear and concern into the minds of voters for the sole purpose of attempting to gain conservative votes in this election campaign.  It is apparent Harper has no respect for voters.  It can even be argued that his aggressive involvement in the war in Iraq and Syria, at a great expense to voters, will turn out to be another failure for Stephen Harper.  And there is no guarantee or assurance of security for Canadians.

Stephen Harper's babble about fighting ISIS abroad in Iraq and Syria as a means of protecting Canadians and securing Canadians at home is little more than sword rattling to win an election. Even top military leaders in Canada and the United States will argue that you can only win against ISIS by putting troops on the ground.  It is highly unlikely an air campaign, as currently being waged against ISIS, will ever be successful.

I can appreciate Stephen Harper does not want to discuss his failed economic policies that has Canada in a second recession under his watch.  He does not want to discuss the rising national debt under his watch.  He does not want to discuss matters relating to the environment, health care, social issues, veterans, agriculture, the national debt, or many other domestic issues because he has a failing record on all these fronts.

So Stephen Harper is left to scare voters into voting for him over matters of terrorism and security at home.  Stephen Harper looks desperate, tired and tattered as he scrambles to defend his record.  So I ask the voters, will you see through the rhetoric and smoke and mirrors, and defeat Stephen Harper or will you allow yourselves to be scared into voting for him again?  It is your choice!