Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Stephen Harper - Just no longer Ready

I met Stephen Harper before he was elected.  I did not care for him then and I really do not care for him now.  I knew he was controlling and consumed by his own self-importance.  He has had a successful political career, but the way he achieved it was ruthless and disrespectful of anyone in his way.  It doesn't have to be that way in politics, but Stephen Harper can't help being mean-spirited because that is whom he is from dusk to dawn every day of the week including Sunday.

Stephen Harper is a man whom will take those in his path and kick them to the curb or throw them under a bus.  I have found nothing kind about Harper.  His acts of kindness are done for his own self-interest.  It is whom he is and he is not about to change anytime soon.

He is good at making enemies.  Many of his caucus members have stepped down, and not for family reasons or seeking new opportunities, but more likely to get away from the dictatorial style of Stephen Harper.  He has always muzzled his own Members of Parliament, shown a contempt for parliament, election rules, the Supreme Court and the very heart of democracy.

Stephen Harper traded in all his conservative values as soon as he came to power.  He used to believe in fiscal prudence and fairness in the democratic process.  He tossed that out as well in the interests of control and power.

Stephen Harper is a victim of his own making.  He is the master of economic demise.  He is a desperate man whom will do anything to maintain power.  Stephen Harper's record is on him and no one else.  This election is not about the conservative party.  It is all about Stephen Harper and his ego.

As the saying goes, "Power corrupts and Absolute Power corrupts Absolutely."

I have been a life-long conservative and spent over fifty years fighting for conservative values.  I was instrumental in organizing a conservative conference in Regina for Stephen Harper.  I was the campaign manager for the first MP to be elected in Regina under Stephen Harper.  I am sorry to say I can no longer support the conservatives under the leadership of Stephen Harper.

Stephen Harper is "just no longer ready" to lead this country!